My Friend Provides His Nanny With A Cell Phone - Is This Normal

Providing your employee with a cell phone is often a good idea, but you have to consider the need and establish some guidelines on its use. If your employee either needs to be reached or needs to make calls during work, a cell phone should be provided. That is particularly true for all nannies and house managers. For other staff members, a phone may be less important, it all depends on their duties and responsibilities.

Providing that you have a Nanny to give a phone to, I suggest that you do so. There are many upon many advantages to do this, as there are some disadvantages too. No need to really get into them, but one big advantage is, in case of an emergency that you need to be reached by your nanny, they have immediate access to a phone. In other cases, if the emergency is more serious, they have easy access to phone call the correct authorities to handle the seriousness of the emergency.

One of the biggest advantages to providing a work cell phone is that you can have your employee turn off their personal phone. This cuts down on non-work related calls, texts and messages. If you have your employee using their own cell for work purposes it is hard for them to distinguish if it is a work related or personal call. When you provide them with a phone they should be required to keep it on at all times so they can be accessible to you when they are working. The basic guideline is that they have access to the phone to send and receive work related messages and not be distracted from their duties by personal use.

Providing a phone does not have to be expensive. These days there are tons of options to choose from and even virtually free phones on a prepaid basis. Remember, you have full control over this phone, why not provide this to you nanny, especially if they are going to be watching your kids and even your house. If the cell phone use gets out of control by your nanny, you can discontinue their plan or even lower their minutes.

Just make sure to weigh all of your options and the pros and cons when deciding to give your personal nanny a cell phone or anything else of that nature. I personally see much more upside to this feature rather than any downside. Leave an open door for communication between the both of you and everything should go as smoothly as possible; cell phone or no cell phone.

Your the boss, whatever you say, goes. So, having them turn off their personal cell phone so that they are not distracted with anything other than watching the kids, or whatever else you have them doing, is great.

The choice is yours, make sure you make the right one. After all, its your employee, your nanny, your cell phone and most important, your kids.

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