Creating Your Own Baby Shower Favors

For people who have the time to spare, making baby shower favors at home has become a popular option. The main reason for this is that they can not only save the money they would have paid to buy those favors but also occasionally make money doing favors for others. They also noted that buying all the materials needed was only necessary the first time as there would be leftovers in succeeding times.

The washcloth lollipop is one of the well-known baby shower favors. These baby shower favors are simple to make and require only some washcloths (two per lollipop), adhesive tape, cellophane and a stick. For best results, the washcloths have to be in varying colors.

1. Fold up each washcloth along its longer side. Make sure that each pair of washcloths matches in size.

2. Fold both edges again in such a way as to meet along the middle. Then fold up the middle of the washcloth.

3. Fasten the ends of the washcloths with strong adhesive tape.

4. Overlap the two washcloths slightly end to end.

5. Tape up the junction securely.

6. Roll up the combined washcloth until it forms a tight spiral. Fasten the end to the body of the spiral.

7. Fix the wooden stick into place with tape.

8. Wrap the lollipop with cellophane and tie up the cellophane with some lace.

By playing with colors, designs and textures you can come up with a wide variety of washcloth lollipops baby shower favors wrapped up in various colors of cellophane. These favors are ideal for attending or giving baby showers. It is a pleasing gift to give the new mother as well as appropriate items to share with other mothers attending the shower. They can be propped up in a flower bucket and make lovely centerpieces initially. When gift-giving time comes, just pick the baby shower favors from the bucket and distribute.

If you like assembling things like cardboard boxes, you will like doing baby shower favors boxes to hold chocolates, candies or small cookies. These are quite easy to do. All you will need is some cartolina paper, adhesive tapes and a good pair of scissors. The instructions and the template for cutting the cardboard may be downloaded from various internet sites, some for free. As soon as you have mastered one technique of making baby shower favors boxes, you should be able to create variations on the original and eventually produce other shapes of boxes. You have to print out the template and use it as a guide for cutting the cartolina paper. The instructions for using the template should also be printed out.

The best material to use is cartolina paper although thinner types of paper may also be used to contain fewer goodies. Of course you have to buy the sweets and cookies you intend to place there. It might be a good idea to wrap the individual goodies in a plastic or cellophane bag before placing them into the box. Depending on whether the box has a lid or not, you may have to wrap everything again with nice wrapping paper.

Bennetta Elliott is a writer for Personalized Gift Express, which offers baby shower favors and baby gifts.

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