The Danger of Joining Gangs - How to Help Your Child Handle Peer Pressure

In the comforts of your home, your child is at his safest. You get to see what he does, where he goes, what he eats and other stuff like that. You know you can protect and rush to your child's side when he slips or falls to the floor, or when he scrapes his knees. But once your child gets older, he will have to do things on his own. It is way unhealthy to lock up your child in your home though most parents would have wanted to do that to ensure their child's safety. He has to go out, go to school, and meet people of his age. This part of a young kid's life is inevitable. But what if he chooses the wrong friends? What if he becomes part of some kind of gang in the process? Can you still do something about it? You can and you will.

Start while he's young

Begin instilling proper values in your child while he's young. Emphasize values such as obedience, respect and responsibility. Train your child to talk to you when he has problems. Some kids grow up not being able to talk to their parents due to their parent's busy schedule. Some are just plain uncomfortable. Talk to your child and give time to listen to what he has to say. This routine will eventually develop and continue even when he gets older.

Get involved in your child's activities

Show your interest in his hobbies and school activities, among others. Encourage him to get involved in his school clubs, sports and other things that he may show interest in. You can also regulate and monitor what he watches on the television. See to it that he doesn't watch too much violence or those that promote gangs and riots. Regulate the sites that he can visit on the internet.

The drawbacks of peer pressure and joining gangs

Most of the time, your child has difficulty in choosing the right friends because of several factors. The feeling of belonging, attention and social status are just among the issues which your child may be going through. Sometimes, kids join gangs to get the attention and recognition that they may not get at home. However, most gang activities are violence- related. The members are most often into drugs and other drug related activities. Juvenile offenders mostly are products of gangs and other brutal groups.

Gang activities pose as dangerous threats to its members and the society as a whole. News about high school shoot outs is bombarding the television screens nowadays. If you think your child is a member of one, you better make sure to keep your stun gun and TASER as well as your hand guns away from his sight. Peer pressure will make him do things even if he really does not want to.

If you won't act now, your child might get into serious trouble and most probably will spend the rest of his life in prison. Help your child handle peer pressure by teaching him how to say no. Providing a loving family and lots of support for your child will not draw him into the hands of any gang member.

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