Taking Your Baby Out to Eat

Taking you new little one to eat in a restaurant can seem like a lot of work, but most parents enjoy it once in a little while, once they get used to all the 'baby gear' that has to go along. Who would think that one little baby would require so much stuff! If your child is a bit older, you can leave the diaper bag and all it holds behind, but hopefully you have had a talk with your youngster on what is and is not acceptable behavior in a restaurant.

Babies tend to get a little cranky in a restaurant, so try to stick with one that is more family oriented the first few times you go out. Chances are, there will be other families with children and little ones there, so when your child starts to cry, no one is going to be particularly bothered, because they will have their own kids to tend to. A lot of kid friendly restaurants have something to keep the children entertained, because nothing can make a little one cry like being bored. Patrons in the restaurants with a more formal setting tend to get irritated when a baby or small child starts to make a racket. Avoid these places until your child is a little older.

Most restaurants supply booster seats, or high chairs. Make use of them. You can't feed yourself while holding the baby without making a complete mess, or going hungry yourself. Juggling a little one while you try to feed both of you is impossible. Some of the chairs come equipped with a toy, or something to keep the baby entertained while you eat. You can even bring along the baby's favorite plaything to keep him occupied. To be on the safe side, bring your own baby chair with you.

Once a child starts crying out in public, it seems as if nothing can make him stop. The more you try, the louder it gets. Offering a special toy may help to quiet him. If this doesn't work the only thing you can do at this point is take your child outside and try to calm him, and go back in once this has been accomplished. If your baby likes a some certain snack to nibble on, make sure you bring some with you. Restaurant food is not especially good for a baby under the age of one year, so don't be tempted to feed him something from your plate.

Pack everything you will need in your baby bag. Diapers, wet wipes, lotions, snacks, and toys should be in the bag at all times. It's a good idea to keep it packed and handy so that you can grab it on the way out. Replenish it when you get back home so it is ready for the next time. As long as you are prepared, your night out at a restaurant should be a fairly pleasant experience.

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