Turn Her Cheeks Pink With a 1st Birthday Surprise

Doesn't time fly when you are having fun, especially when you have a baby to attend to, with all her constant needs? For the past year she has turned your life on its head, in a good way of course, and sometimes you get the feeling that you are no longer in charge of your own life, but only exist to wait on her hand and foot. Mostly though you revel in the fact that you have this gorgeous, bubbly small person to care for, and she makes you ecstatic just with a gurgle or a smile. Suddenly you find that your baby girl's 1st birthday is fast approaching and you want to throw a 1st birthday girl party for her and her cute little friends, to mark the occasion. After all, this is the very first time that you have been able to honour her with a celebration, and so you want to make sure that not only she, but all of her 1st birthday girl party guests are happy. To make sure that the day goes well you need to do a little preparation, such as the entertainment. However, at the age of one, most children will be focusing on what they can put into their mouths, and so the food and its presentation are very important. You want to make the table look wonderful and appealing to small people. Lots of bright colours will hold their attention, and a few wipe clean tablecloths will not go amiss.

The first thing on your list of important items for a 1st birthday girl party are the guest invitations. A pretty set of 8 1st Birthday Girl Party Hugs and Stitches with envelopes will attract the guests' attention with a lovely pink gingham background and sweet flowers and butterflies. Then the birthday girl just needs to sit back and wait for the acceptances to flood in. To give the 1st birthday girl party room a real fun party atmosphere you can decorate the walls with a gorgeous 1st birthday girl Party Hugs and Stitches Happy Birthday Banner, with each letter of the message presented in a patch work style. If you have 2 of these lovely banners you can also announce to the world where the party is taking place by placing one across your front door or garden gate. That way the party guests will not get lost and miss any of the party fun.

The next step is to provide the cups and plates for the little loves. Disposable items are always preferable as they will not get broken, and you will not have to face a pile of washing up at the end of the day, when all you want to do is collapse into a comfy armchair with a nice cup of tea, or something stronger. You will be utterly worn out by the time the last 1st birthday girl party guest has gone home, covered in chocolate from head to toe, and no doubt there will be quite a bit of evidence of this chocolate in the party room, on the floor, up the walls and curtains and probably on the cat as well. The Pastel Pink Party Pack is perfect for a 1st birthday girl party, with everything you will possibly need. It contains plates, cups, bowls, napkins, knifes, forks and spoons for 8 guests as well as 12 cups, all in a lovely pastel shade of pink, and these will look stunning when they are laid out on the table. Once the guests are seated at the party table however, there is no guaranteeing that their decorum is going to be tip top.

If you want to continue the theme of Hugs and Stitches, you can supply the little cuties with 1st birthday girl Party Hugs and Stitches plates, cups and napkins. To make the little princess birthday girl feel extra special and to give her an opportunity to show off in front of her girly gang, a lovely Award Ribbon with 'I'm 1 today' in the form of a cute pink rosette can be attached to her party frock. She will be so proud of this and will want to wear it every day, until she is 2. As part of the entertainment for her sweet little angel faces, a brightly coloured pinata in the shape of a number 1 will thrill them all, especially when they are surprised by all the sweets that you have stuffed it with. Then they can spend time stuffing themselves and all the other children with lots of sugary sweeties and you and the other adults can stand back and watch the sugar rush kick in. For the 1st birthday girl party guest of honour, a gorgeous Hugs and Stitches helium balloon tied to her party chair at the table will be as special to her as if it were a diamond tiara. She will be the envy of all around her, adding the finishing touches to a truly memorable occasion.

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