Taking Your Child on a Trip

When you have a baby, there always seems to be a long checklist to check off. Everything needs to be packed or not only can baby have a rough trip, but so can the parents. It's a good idea to make a list a few days before you leave. If you have a child who is in school, be sure you get all of his schoolwork that he will be missing while away. No matter where you are going or how long you will be gone for, you should always be prepared. Listed below are some tips to remember when taking a trip with baby.

Bring plenty of blankets if baby will be sleeping in the car. This is especially true for longer trips on the road. This will ensure baby stays comfortable.

Snacks and food - Be sure that you remember baby's favorite snack food. You need to also pack plenty of fluids for baby to stay hydrated on the trip.

Booster seats and Car seats - Children under seven are required to be in proper seating when in a car. If not, a cop will issue a ticket.

With any trip, stops are always made and this is important with a child or baby with you. You can get out and stretch and change baby if needed. You should always bring extra clothes in case of accidents or weather changes.

First - aid kits are a necessity as well. None of us like to think of something happening, but things o happen and you need to be prepared. You should also carry phone numbers in case of flat tires or if your car breaks down.

Toys - Children of all ages have that one toy that is their favorite. Make sure you pack it for the trip. Let your child pick the toy if possible so they can be entertained for the trip.

When going on a trip, it is often times known for people to need directions. Having a set of numbers handy is good because you may need to call and ask for directions or in case there are unexpected dilemmas.

If you are driving on a sunny day, you should have window protectors to place on the child's window to keep sun and heat out.

If your child is old enough, books are a great activity to do with your child while you are on breaks or when you arrive to your destination.

Music - If you baby likes music, bring along some music that baby likes and have sing - a - longs on your trip.

Once the list is checked off, always double check to make sure you have everything. It would be a shame to forget anything for baby.

Being prepared for trips with baby can make the trip all the more enjoyable. It's always a great idea to be organized and ready to go. When traveling alone, make sure that everything is within your reach for easy access. If there is a second set of hands there, this can be a huge help if you are driving.

Once everything is packed for baby, you are ready to go. One last thing that you need to do is to eat a well balanced meal before you head out. Try not to overeat as this can make you a bit tired at the wheel. Having more than one driver is always good. Most of all, have a great trip!

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