What Causes Your Baby to Cry?

Your baby is healthy and happy. You make every effort to keep your baby healthy and happy. Then why is the baby still crying? This is normal and you shouldn't worry. Here are some things that might cause your baby to cry and ways to cope with them.

First of all, check if the baby is hungry. You have fed that baby not long ago, but babies need food every two to three hours at the early stages of life so offer food and see if the baby is hungry. You can also check for signs that show that the baby is hungry like drooling and taking the position you use when you feed it. Make notes of how often you feed the baby so that you have a pattern for the days to come.

If your baby is fed and has no apparent reason for crying, you might consider the sleeping factor. Adults believe that sleeping is easy for babies, but it is not. It is true that babies need sleep, but that doesn't mean that they can sleep whenever they need to. Babies are not used to this world. Bright lights and voices make them nervous and excited. They can't adjust so easily to the environment and many times they are too excited or too tired to sleep. Since sleep is vital and they need it, they tend to cry when they feel this way. Help your baby sleep. Switch off the television and any bright lights. Make the environment calm and don't give the baby too much irritating factors.

The other thing that you might not have thought of is that the baby needs to be held. This is vital for the baby's health. Many parents think that it will be difficult to relax the baby in any other way if they get accustomed to hugging, but this is not true. Babies need to be held several hours a day. They need to feel their parents' presence and relax in their arms. So, hold your baby in your arms as much as you can. Don't deprive your baby of this as it will cost you more in the long run. Babies that are not held are nervous, have problems sleeping and delay in emotional health when they grow older.

Crying can also be the baby's way to say that there is something annoying. It could be the fact that you have the television on or that you have too many lights. It could also be the fact that the baby got upset from moving from one hug to another and too many people are here to visit you. Keep the baby in a calm environment and allow time to adjust to the new things, lights, colors and people.

The last thing to consider is the environment. Babies cry because they don't like the environment. It might be too hot or too cold or it might be too noisy. The world is full of excitement, but your baby is not ready for all this information. Crying may also be the baby's way to tell you that visiting time is over and sleeping time is near. Too many people can make the baby nervous. Keep your environment calm and your baby happy.

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