Bath Time For Your Baby

Bathing your baby is so much fun and when you think of it you imagine a happy baby laughing at the water. Then why are you so stressed? Well, this is only normal. The important thing is to make the bath safe and everything else will come with time.

The first thing you have to do is to prepare the bath. Chose the room if not the bathroom that you will use to give your baby a bath. Now that your baby is small, you can use any room of the house that suits you to give the baby the bath, although the bathroom is recommended as you will have everything you need. However, if for some reason your bathroom is not ideal, for example if it is the coldest room in the house, you shouldn't pick it. Then you have to think of all the things you might need. Towels, a mild soap, to unplug the telephone so that no one disturbs you. Have everything ready before you start the bath. If you start the bath and realize that you need something, ask someone to get it for you or not use it at all. Otherwise you have two choices. The one is to leave the baby alone in the bathroom and the other to carry it with you. You should never leave the baby alone not even for one second. You should avoid carrying the baby with you as it will be cold and is slippery and this will cause accidents.

Newborn babies are not ready for a bath, nor do they enjoy it that much. So avoid bathing your baby at the early stages of life. Newborns won't get dirty either. The one thing you should do is to sponge clean the baby. Use water at room temperature to clean parts of the baby that get dirty such as the face and behind the ears. Babies don't like too hot or too cold water as it damages the skin. Newborns shouldn't be having a bath every day. Just use common sense and clean the baby when it is needed.

Giving your first bath is a wonderful experience. Make sure you pay attention to some things and you will be fine. Use a room that is away from drafts as babies are very sensitive to drafts and can easily catch a cold. Make sure everything you use is clean. If you have bought a bath tub for babies make sure you clean it before you use it for the first time. Also clean it after the bath as still water can have germs. Support the baby's head when you are bathing her and never leave the baby alone in the bath. Washing the hair is not needed more than once a week.

Bubble baths are not the perfect choice for your baby as they contain many irritants and aroma that can cause allergic reactions to the skin of the baby. Leave them for use as the baby grows older. Plain water and a mild soap are ideal for you. If the baby is nagging or didn't have a calm day, reschedule the bath for another day. Clean the baby with a sponge and bathe it when the circumstances allow it. other than that, you will see that bathing the baby is fun and can be a happy time for both of you.

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