How to Choose the Right Formula For Your Infant

You might find yourself in a stage where you will consider giving the baby bottle milk. This may be your first choice for some reasons or you may need to change from breastfeeding to bottle after a while. Whatever the case, chances are that you have many questions on bottle feeding.

There are many kinds of formula available in the market. You can find ready made formulas, others that are concentrated and powdered formulas. Ready to use formulas are the easiest and most expensive. They can cost up to 30% more than others and this is calculated over each meal. However, there are many advantages. The product is sterile and there is no need for you to get sterile water to fix it or boil the bottles to be given. Everything is ready. It is also fast as all you have to do is open and serve. The baby is hungry and after a few seconds you are ready to feed her. Ready to use formulas can take up a lot of your space, but are easy to carry. The fact that the product is sterile makes it ideal for premature babies.

Another choice is concentrate formula. This product is ready but requires mixing with water so that you can feed your baby. This means that you will have to have access to clean water all the time and everywhere you go. If you visit someone on the field or travel a lot, make sure you have everything you need. If your house uses a well, make sure the water is clean enough for babies. The other thing to pay attention to is the dosages. Make sure you have read and understood the instructions on the package so that you learn to prepare the meal correctly.

Your third choice is a powdered milk product. This is milk that is stored as powder and needs to be prepared. The main disadvantage is that it might take you some time to prepare the milk at first before you get the hang of it. Other than that, these products have many advantages and are preferred by the majority of mothers. The product has a long shelf life and doesn't require that you use it all in a certain time. This gives you freedom and doesn't make you waste it. You can also carry the product easily and you don't have to carry anything else. The main thing to consider here is that powder milk allows you to make as much as you need. So if you breast feed and need a supplement you can use less powder and make as much as you like. This again gives you freedom and saves you money and is friendly to nature as well.

Other things you can consider are the milk the product uses, cow milk, soy milk for allergic infants and more. There are also formulas that contain extra nutrients and iron combined with calories ideal for pre mature babies. So chose the product that covers your needs.

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