What Makes Babies Spit Up?

It is very common for babies to spit up an amount of milk after being fed. A baby can do that at any age, but approximately at four months of age, you will certainly notice it. this is normal and has many explanations.

First of all, the digestive system of the baby is still developing. This means that the baby cannot hold food down if a problem occurs. If the baby has the habit if eating after being full or if you feed the baby too much, the amount of food that can't be digested will make the baby spit up. So one thing you should avoid is giving the baby too much food. This is not necessary as a baby eats many times a day and will get all the nutrients needed to grow up.

If you let the baby get hungry, you might face these problems. Hungry babies get upset. This will make you deal with two problems. First of all, your baby will try to eat very fast and air is going to be trapped in the stomach. This air will be removed by burping and some amount of milk will also be removed. So the baby is certainly going to spit up. Secondly the baby is so hungry that it will be difficult to realize when she had enough to eat and will probably eat more than usual. This will also cause spit up. So don't let the baby get too hungry before being fed. The baby will also be nagging and it will be difficult to be calm and feed properly under these conditions.

The correct position when eating also plays an important role. Hold the baby in an upright position when feeding. Check all clothing and diapers for being too tight and causing the baby discomfort. Check anything that contacts the tummy. Make feeding time a relaxed time and avoid places that have too much noise or are crowded.

After feeding hold the baby upright and wait f or about half an hour. Don't engage in any activities that can make the baby feel discomfort from riding with the car to holding the baby in the air to play. Make sure everything is done properly in a calm environment.

You can also eliminate this problem by taking care of your baby. Yes, this might sound controversial, but here is what happens. Feeding the baby when you go out or when the baby is at the car can cause you many problems. You should always feed the baby in a calm environment and make the most out of this experience. This will make your baby feel relaxed and prevent air being trapped while the baby is eating. Air that is trapped needs to be removed and while this happens milk is also removed. Another thing you should take care of is not to allow the baby to get too hungry. If the baby is hungry, you will get upset and the baby will start eating fast and will not realize when it is full. This will cause you more spitting up.

Another thing you can do if your baby is spitting milk is to hold it upright while feeding. Don't press the stomach and make sure all clothes are not pressing the skin or the tummy. A minor discomfort can make the baby feel bad and feeding may become difficult. Always remember to feed the baby in a calm environment and don't let things interfere with this procedure.

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