Baby Clothing for the Hot Summer Season!

The summer season is approaching and it's time to dress your baby for the hot weather. This is easier than it sounds. You have to consider what fabrics are going to be breathable, comfortable, what won't irritate baby's skin as well as considering what's going to make the little one look stylish!

If your brain is in a fog thinking about tiny clothes, shoes and hats for the hot summer season, I have some tips for you. Dressing babies in this weather can be super difficult for many people, but if you focus on fabrics, styles and simplicity your shopping will be done in a snap!

For infants under a year old you probably want to stick to one piece outfits for a quick, cool look. The best outfits for young infants are loads and loads of onesies, you can find these in all colors and patterns. Babies look simple and chic in a onesie.

If you want to dress your infant up for a special occasion the bubble style is the best for the hot summer season. The bubble style is perfect for a boy or a girl or even older babies and toddlers. The bubble usually snaps and the top shoulders and the bottom for quick nappy changes. There are a couple of different variations of the bubble style, but the more simple the better!

Another style that works well for young infants is the basic romper. A romper can be long sleeve, short sleeve or even sleeveless, the best is the sleeveless romper, classic and cute.

For older babies you can find simple sleeveless style tops and comfortable shorts. Dresses are fabulous for baby girls, short and long style are available everywhere. Just throw one on and go! Overalls are the pick for boys, wear with a cute tee underneath or go bare for a really cool feel! Swimwear is also an awesome addition to the summer wardrobe, just don't forget the sunscreen!

Fabric is also very important in the hot summer season, you want to keep the fabrics as light as possible. Organic fabrics like bamboo are great for staying cool. You do not want to dress your baby in thick fabrics in the hot summer season. Some companies have a very light knit fabric that can keep your baby cool! Babies big and small look adorable in hats. Sun hats are a must for all babies. The hat will protect your baby's precious head from the sun.

Does your baby need shoes? I don't think so! Barefeet are the shoe of choice for the non walking baby! If your child in a walker, you want to protect those little toes. A stable sandal is great if you can find one. Light tennis shoes are always acceptable as well. Keeping it simple is the best for babies.

Onesies and bubbles for the tiniest babies. Dresses and overalls for the older babies. Throw on a hat, sandals, and even some shades and your baby is ready to face the heat in style this summer!

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