What Makes Babies Spit Up?
It is very common for babies to spit up an amount of milk after being fed. A baby can do that at any age, but approximately at four months of age, you will certainly notice it. this is normal and has many explanations. First of all, the digestive...
By Freddie Brister
Things Parents Should Consider Before Choosing a Babysitter
There are times when you will need a baby sitter to take care of your children for a while when you want to go out or go to work. You should be prepared and have a checklist for the baby sitter ready. The first thing to consider is your house.
By Freddie Brister
Baby Clothing for the Hot Summer Season!
The summer season is approaching and it's time to dress your baby for the hot weather. This is easier than it sounds. You have to consider what fabrics are going to be breathable, comfortable, what won't irritate baby's skin as well as...
By Chris Tomkins
What to Do When Colic Hits
Your baby is fed and changed, but still cannot stop crying. You are wondering what is wrong and the one thing you can think of is that the baby is having colic. If this is the case, keep in mind that colic is common for babies, but can be...
By Freddie Brister
ADHD and Why it is Over Diagnosed
With the dramatic increase in the number of diagnosed cases of ADHD in this country people are starting to become concerned. Others actually question its existence in the first place. We are the only country that even recognizes this as a condition.
By John Bradstreet
Get the Right Gifts For Children
"Daddy look what grandpa bought me," your son seems to be overwhelmed by the gift your dad gave him for Christmas. The spark in his eyes is surely something to be noticeable. Soon after your son leaves, here comes your daughter, with the same...
By Fay K.
Sweet Gifts For Girls Made of Sugar & Spice
What is more pleasing than seeing the face of a little angel shine when you place in her hands a gift from your heart? If you're the parent of little boys or you have yet to have children, you might be wondering what to get your niece, who comes...
By Fay K.
Avoid Embarrassment - Select the Right Birthday Gifts For Children
Have you ever gone to a birthday party where you witnessed an embarrassing situation when the kid, whose birthday was being celebrated, threw a tantrum after opening the gift because they simply did not fancy that gift? I think yes because...
By Fay K.
Making Great Baby Boy Birth Announcements
When making baby boy birth announcements, take into consideration the theme that you are using for your new little boy. Whether it is tractors, or planes, or any other boy related idea, you are sure to find some great announcements that will...
By Nichole Clark
Are Your Children Eating Dirt? Let Them!
Whether you're new to the world of parenting or an old player, paranoia is your constant companion. Following your children's trail and making sure than nothing that passes your vigilant eye reaches their mouth, you can play detective 24*7 for...
By Samuel Peterson
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