Are Your Children Eating Dirt? Let Them!
Whether you're new to the world of parenting or an old player, paranoia is your constant companion. Following your children's trail and making sure than nothing that passes your vigilant eye reaches their mouth, you can play detective 24*7 for...
By Samuel Peterson
Tips on How to Teach Your Kids to Save Money
A lot of teens nowadays do not understand the value of earning and spending money. They were not oriented that investing is necessary even if they are still students. As parents, you play a crucial role in this area.
By Sharon Lechter
Deciding What Kind Of Potty Training Pants To Use
You may understand the basics of how to potty train your daughter, but what may be a bit confusing for you is choosing the garments for her to use during the process. Your choices are basically narrowed down to three...
By Erin McDonald
Teaching Children To Overcome Bullying
You've fed, nurtured and potty trained your child and a new challenge is probably just around the corner. The neighborhood (or school yard) bully will likely set his sights on your child at some point. How will you handle it?
By Alan Greene
Getting Your Baby Ready For Day Care
Whether you're a stay-at-home mom or a working mother, sending your baby off to daycare can be a traumatic experience. You find yourself leaving your baby in the care of strangers, even if they are qualified.
By Wriley Baker
Understanding State Child Support Laws and Guidelines
Child support is the government's means of ensuring that children enjoy the financial security that a two-parent home would have afforded them. This is the primary moral concern of child support laws --- that children be well provided for --- and...
By Amerion Abler
Home Alone Child Safety
Your child's safety depends to a large part on good communication between you and your children. This is especially true of two-income families, and single parent families where the children are left alone for extended periods of time...
By Jerry Tarrer
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