Understanding Your Child - Key to Ideal Parenting
Being a parent, your kids' well being means everything to you. And why should it not be so? After all, they are the biggest blessing of God. To keep their little angels smiling, many parents can do anything.
By Stewart Wrighter
How To Select A Childcare Provider For Your Child
Your children are very important to you. You would give them the world if it was yours to give. You make sure that your children have everything they need in order to be happy. With a working schedule that you must keep, it is important that your...
By Rick Kapinski
How to Cope With a Rude Teenager
It seems sometimes like your child goes to bed one night as your precious little angel and wakes up the next morning as an alien being. It's the only explanation for the rude behavior of a teenager, right?
By Norbert Georget
Improving Parent - Teen Relationships in Your Family
Parent - teen relationships are difficult to manage at times. Parents often joke about dreading the teen years, but the joking is a sign of the real discomfort that lurks behind every thirteenth birthday and the teen relationships parents are...
By Norbert Georget
Organize a Fairy Themed Birthday Party For Your Daughter
Are you wondering what to do for your daughter's next birthday party? If she is below the age of 7, she would most likely love to have a fairy themed birthday party.
By Felix Lehmann
Do Fairies Exist - What Would You Answer Your Daughter?
Does your daughter believe in fairies? Should you encourage this? Most little girls go through phases when they believe in fairies and elves.
By Felix Lehmann
My Friend Provides His Nanny With A Cell Phone - Is This Normal
Providing your employee with a cell phone is often a good idea, but you have to consider the need and establish some guidelines on its use. If your employee either needs to be reached or needs to make calls during work, a cell phone should be...
By Jason Bacot
Creating Your Own Baby Shower Favors
For people who have the time to spare, making baby shower favors at home has become a popular option. The main reason for this is that they can not only save the money they would have paid to buy those favors but also occasionally make money doing...
By Bennetta Elliott
Having Baby Shower Favors Spreads the Love During This Happy Time
What may well be the climax for any baby shower is the moment when hostess mom and her guests exchange baby shower favors. Baby showers that do not set aside a special time for this event are missing out on the fun and expectation it gives.
By Bennetta Elliott
Parents With Clingy Toddlers... You Get A Needed Break And Your Toddler Is Less Clingy
One of the most difficult stages of raising a young child is from 18 months to 3 years old. During this time, it can feel like there is a ball and chain connecting you to your child... Clingy toddlers translate to exhausted parents...
By Sandra Dye
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