Facts About Having an Abusive Partner

There are a lot of types of abuses. Around the world there is a statistical analysis that in every four women, one of them has an abusive partner. These abuses may be physical, emotional or even sexual. All these abuses leave a deep wound that victims carry for the rest of their lives. Abusive relationship can occur to anybody. It does not choose any race, creed, religion, age and gender.

Even males suffer from an abusive relationship though very few are documented.

Every person who had been with an abusive partner tends to be very shy and has low self confidence. Some tend to do away with socialization because they think that their abusive partner will get mad and this may cause another fight which means another abuse. More victims also are very secretive with what they are experiencing. They keep what's happening and even try to cover up their abusive partner.

Every person who had been with an abusive partner tends to be very shy and has low self confidence.

Physical and emotional abuse occurring at the same time is probably the worst of all. It's the type of abuse that is very hard to trace because neighbors might think that it is just a simple couple fight. Being in a relationship that is abusive is very hard to get out from. Victims are put to blame of the event. Some abusive relationship even ends in a tragic death of either the abuser or the abused.

Physical abuse starts when your partner slaps or kicks you. Both of you will think that it's just a part of your relationship. Your partner then says sorry and gives you gifts. Then your partner promises not to do it to you again. However, before you know it, the abuse happens again. You then try to make stories to cover up what happened to you.

Verbal abuse also begins when your boyfriend or girlfriend tells you hurtful comments or curses you even if you are alone or in public. More often, these comments will lead to more bad words that would degrade your integrity and your whole being.

Teenagers are not excused to abusive relationship.

Teenagers are not excused to this kind of relationship. The fairytale relationship that they fantasize of ended in a very abusive relationship. Teens are curious and want to try everything. It is hard for them to follow their parents because they want to have what they really want.

Teens involved in an abusive relationship could be the worse experience they encounter. This relationship will serve as their standard for the next relationship. Parents at this moment should be very vigilant with their kid's behavior. So try to observe for changes in their attitude and any signs if your child is in a relationship that is abusive to them.

The best thing to do to persons who have an abusive partner is to seek help from professionals. Teenagers are not an exemption so they also need medical support of a therapist. Most teens do not listen to parents but with the help of a therapist, they might divulge all the things that happened to them.

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