Living Single: When Dating Becomes a Second Full Time Job, You Can Change Your Perspective

Living single is not always easy. It sometimes gets lonely, and sometimes painfully so. You are probably encouraged to get out there and date. Your friends and your family may hassle you to get out there and start meeting people. You get hounded on a daily basis to do this, especially on holidays.

You probably even want to date others deep in your heart. Would it not be nice to have someone special in your life that you can dine with, cuddle with, and share your life with? Many singles would like their single status to end and truly want to meet that special and significant other.

When you are used to living single, dating is not always easy. You may have become set in your ways, and very comfortable ordering Chinese food and watching a good movie on a Saturday night. Even though being single on a Saturday night is sometimes lonely, you have become accustomed to doing your own thing. Going out and dating may seem stressful, and can feel like a lot of hard work with a lot of effort.

When you are used to living single, dating is not always easy.

Dating is not easy, and being single has become comfortable for you. You do know on the other hand that it is important for you get out there to meet others, and that the only way that you can do this would be through dating. As a single person, dating can be quite stressful, and it can actually feel like a full time job at times.

If you are doing online dating, or even going to singles' dances, you have a big weeding out process that actually takes work. If you are getting set up by your friends, that results in its' own set of problems that can take a lot of energy out of you.

You will have to reject others, and you will be rejected yourself from time to time. This whole process can be draining, and sitting home and eating Chinese food may seem like a better option for you.

Do not feel bad about what is being discussed in this article. It is very common for many people to avoid dating, just because it truly is very hard. The problem that avoiding dating can cause, however, is the inability of changing your status from being single to being part of a couple.

So how can you change your perspective on dating, by seeing it as more of a pleasurable experience rather than a stressful experience? What will it take for you to even enjoy dating and even have it become a pleasant experience for you.

See dating as more of a pleasurable experience rather than a stressful experience

For one, you must remember that meeting a new person that you do not have chemistry with will be more the rule rather than the exception. If you let this be okay, and you just enjoy the company of the other person and just have fun, your experience will be less stressful.

Try to see every person that you date as a unique, interesting person, even though you may not be attracted to the person. Do not see it as a personal failure of yours, or that you are unattractive.

In addition, do not say to yourself that there is nobody out there for you. That can be a very discouraging thought, and it will cause the dating process to be a very unpleasant chore.

Go out there and have some fun dating and meeting new people. Only keep one job which is your full time job, and enjoy the dating journey.

Michelle T writes about living single and happy and being single ( in a couples world

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