Pepper Spray Restrictions on Certain Countries

For some reasons, a lot of people travel. They can go to other places as required at work. Others go to different countries to join events like in sports while a great number of individuals travel just to have a break and enjoy the vacation in new places. When traveling, you must not forget the list of what you need to bring. Going to a place where you have never been before or a location away from home requires you some preparations on what you include in your pack. Included in your list of things to bring must be a self defense device that will keep you safe even from a place unknown to you.

The pepper spray is one of the effective tools for personal protection. It consists of an ingredient that mainly causes the burning in the eyes, temporary distraction, pain and irritation on the skin and breathing problems. It comes in small and light sizes which would not trouble you in adding weight to your load for traveling. Moreover, it would give you added protection when it comes to traveling to foreign lands. However, it must be within your knowledge that there are certain pepper spray restrictions that differ from one place to another.

In the United States, it is allowed to carry a pepper spray for some states however; there are a few who really restrict the possession of this kind of self defense tool. That is why if you plan to visit the states, try to specifically look over the pepper spray laws on the state that you wish to stay in. See if you can bring one and inquire about the further requirements that you need to have if there are any. If it is restricted, then you better not bring it along to avoid troubles and instead look for other ways that you can ensure safety.

There are 13 countries to count that really restrict the possession and use of pepper spray. If you love to travel, you better take note of these countries where you do not have to bring along your spray and consider other options. In Australia and New Zealand, you cannot bring along a pepper spray. In the continent of Asia, Hong Kong, India and Japan are the specific countries that prohibit the self defense spray. In India however, it is being used by police officers only and not the civilians. Moreover, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom are the countries in Europe that specifically restrict it too. Lastly, Canada is the only country in North America where it is not legal to use.

As a traveler, you must know how to protect yourself in visiting a place new to you. If you think that pepper spray is the right tool for your personal protection, then you better look over the laws of the foreign country when it comes to having and using it. Not all countries allow you to have it along with you as you travel, so better inquire about it to avoid any problems.

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