Self Defense Tips For a Larger Individual

Danger is everywhere. It is unpredictable and most especially you cannot tell the methods that will be used by your attacker. They can come empty handed but they possess the strength that can overpower you. They can attack you with some lethal weapons like a knife or a gun. These are just some possibilities that someone can attack you without your notice. We see in the daily news that crimes happen in our society and personally you would not want to experience what you see on the television where victims are really caught in a very bad situation.

Knowledge on self defense is very important in order to ensure protection all the time. You personally know your capacity when it comes to protecting yourself from harm so if you think that you still need some more then try to learn about what you can do. Take advantage of your size and height. If your physical built-up is small then you can learn certain self defense techniques wherein you can make use of your height and attackers will not see you as an easy target. There are a lot of things that you can do to fight back even with your height.

Moreover, if you are tall and larger, you must not be over confident that you can defend yourself anytime. It is true that you have an advantage but still you cannot tell what attackers can do to you. As mentioned, they can possess certain deadly weapons and without knowledge on self defense even with your larger body structure; you can still become an easy victim.

To defend yourself, you learn about martial arts and specific take down techniques. Use your strength and your height to your advantage. Learn how to fight back using different methods. Moreover, you can have a stunning device with you like a stun gun or TASER. It can be an effective self defense tool. With a large body structure and a powerful device, the attacker will think twice of continuing what was planned. A smaller handy pepper spray can also become useful when you needed it.

However, if you think that your life will be at risk because the assailant has a gun pointed at you then why not comply. Give them what they want. If they are asking for your money or some of your property, give it to them to prevent being caught in even troubling situation by fighting back. Spare your life by sacrificing some of your things. Next time be extra cautious and think wisely if the situation calls you to defend yourself or for you to comply after all.

Although the size and structure of your body can be a great advantage, it must not give you too much confidence that you can take down any attacker that tries to hurt you. You can be trap in different situations where your built is no help at all. That is why try to widen your options and be open to other self defense methods.

Joseph Pressley is a certified TASER instructor and a Tae Kwon Do black belt and a father of two. He is the co-founder of which provides a good variety of Stun Baton and TASER for personal protection. To learn more on how these products can save your life, please visit

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