Pepper Spray Effects and Its Duration

Oleoresin capsicum or OC spray is also commonly known as a pepper spray. This is an agent that comes in different containers used for self defense. Danger comes as a surprise that is why it is recommended that you are prepared for what can happen to you in the streets, while at work and of course even at your own home. Possession of this kind of substance will help you achieve your desire for protection. As long as it is within your reach, you can defend yourself anywhere and anytime someone tries to attack you. It is only a matter of preparation for what can happen to you out there which will determine whether you will be an easy victim or not.

The effects of pepper spray focuses more on the sense of sight, respiration and the skin of your target. With the strength that the spray has, it can cause tears in the eyes, burning sensation, pain and temporary loss of sight. When it comes to breathing, difficulty can be experienced as evidenced by a feeling of being choked and the person will try to clear airways by trying to cough out. The skin also becomes irritated and red and not only that, burning sensation is also felt. These are the common effects of this kind of self defense which happens especially when sprayed directly to the face.

The duration of the effects of pepper spray can vary from one person to another. Different experiences have testified that it can average from 10 minutes to almost an hour especially when there is no water or any agent that will take away the effects of the spray. The blinding situation and difficulties felt will stop the evil plans of someone who tries to attack you. Duration of ten minutes and more is already enough for you to escape from the evil hands of any assailant. The effects and its durations are the main reasons why the pepper spray is a very effective tool for protection.

This device is most especially helpful for women to fight violence committed against them. It is very effective for independent teenagers specifically aging 18 and above who are legally allowed to have one. This can be a handy device that they can bring anywhere especially when they are alone. Moreover, it is being used by police officers during their line of duty. It can be very helpful especially in situations when you least expect it. Aside from them, a lot of men can use it to protect all their loved ones from any harm and injury.

The pepper spray is a very useful device for self defense for a lot of people. The effects that it can cause to someone that it comes in contact with would give the owner very valuable time to run, leave the attacker, and call for help. You need to know how to use it well and where to aim it to your attacker so that you will save yourself from any violence.

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