Little Known Facts on the Effects of TASER During and After the Zap

The TASER is a weapon purchased and used by citizens for protection against crimes. The use of this kind of stunning device is also used in different police departments across the globe. It is very helpful and it comes in different styles and forms that comes as a handy stunning device, easily gripped and can be placed anywhere or in a holster. There are those designed for regular citizens while there are those which have extra features needed by police officers during their work.

The TASER is designed for self defense by immobilizing the attacker. The effect of this kind of stunning device is called neuromuscular incapacitation. It targets the function of the nervous system and that of the muscles of the body. By disrupting the signals of the nerves that controls the movement of the muscles, the person when hit with this kind of self defense tool will surely have problems when it comes to movement. They have the tendency to fall to the ground and lie there for how many minutes depending on the impact of the stunning device.

The TASER works because of its low amperage but higher voltage. This simply means that it has a high potential energy which can reach to a million and more depending on the capacity of the product. However, it has low amperage which means it produces power that is safe to use. It will not even cause ventricular fibrillation of the heart or injure the target which can lead to death. In general, it is only created for self defense and temporary incapacitation.

Aside from the major effect of the device which is temporary immobilization, people being hit by one also complains of certain minor injuries like TASER dart entry wounds. This is basically caused by the barbs that comes in contact and penetrate the skin. This is the one of the advantages of the TASER because with the use the probes the owner can have self defense even at a distance. It can even penetrate to 2 inches layer of clothing depending on its type and then will discharge its electrical power and still take effect.

The punctured wounds caused by the TASER are so little and it becomes painful once the probes come in contact with the skin. Once the stunning takes effect the local area is more like anesthetized which is why usually when the barbs are pulled, there is no pain felt. It also causes little bleeding and sometimes no bleeding at all. When the person exposed to a TASER is brought to the hospital, the wounds are aseptically cleaned if there are any to prevent any infections.

The main action done once a person is being hit with a TASER is to have a general assessment whether there are any injuries that need to be treated medically. With the knowledge on the effects of the TASER, you are now assured that it is a safe device and a reliable one for self defense. It is without question why it is being used by a lot of police authorities and also regular citizens.

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