Brief History of the Famous Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a popular self defense weapon being widely used all over the world. The effectiveness of the device when used for defending the self has proven the worth of this handy device. People most especially women, have loved the pepper spray not only for its convenience but as well as the fast immobilization, high performance rate, and stylistic designs. It may only be small but the effects it can give are difficult to handle.

Science and technology definitely made a big contribution to the development of pepper spray. Just imagine how researchers and pepper spray developers were able to derive a chemical out of a plant and that alone is a significant breakthrough in the field of science and technology. Moreover, their research has made the people to realize the usefulness of different plants as one of the main ingredient in making self defense weapons.

We always ask ourselves where things came from and how they were made and this is a fact that is so undeniable. Even the young ones always ask us things that tend to become annoying sometimes to hear. But knowing the origin of a certain place or thing is important so we could clearly understand and have a brief background about it.

Pepper spray, one of the many sought after self defense weapon, became popular way back in the year 1990's. It was the Chinese men who gave the idea of using pepper for self defense. At first, Chinese men used ground pepper as a means to immobilize their opponents until such time that other countries particularly the United States have further developed the use of spices for self defense.

Another name for pepper spray is OC spray or Oleoresin Capsicum spray. This is the chemical agent responsible for irritation in the eyes, pain when used. The active ingredient of pepper spray is capsaicin. Capsaicin is derived from the Capsicum genus and from the hottest pepper there is in this world. The feeling of being sprayed must be really very painful because of this active ingredient.

The effect of capsaicin is so painful that it makes an individual scream for help. Eating pepper alone feels hot in our mouth, how much more if it already comes in contact with our eyes. Other effects of pepper spray when used are immediate closing of the eyes, having difficulty of breathing, coughing and runny nose. The effects may last long depending on the amount of pepper spray used.

You can mostly find pepper spray inside canisters. It is convenient to carry and can be placed on pockets or purses. Pepper sprays also come in different designs like pepper spray in lipstick form. It is pretty amazing how this device gives an all out safety and protection to the life of a certain individual.

The fast immobilization effect of pepper spray is one of the many reasons why people love to use the device. The damages are minimal and there is ample time to call for help when the pain in the eyes sets in. Keeping this handy self defense weapon assures you 100% of full time protection and rest assured that it will not let you down.

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