Effective Guide For Defending the Self

There is fear when we walk alone the dark street on our way home. There is fear when we are left alone in our respective homes. Fear is felt after knowing that criminals are just lurking everywhere and we might be their next victim. We are trapped once we let the fear sink in our minds. We are defeated once we think of fear. But hey, try to take that fear away and use your heads when you are faced in a near death situation.

A positive mind accompanied with the best self defense skills will keep you focused. So far, nothing beats the power of having a focused mind when under attack by criminals. The self defense weapon or perhaps the things you learned after being enrolled in a self defense class is useless when you do not put yourself together and think of how you can use those things well.

There are instances wherein many women are verbally harassed as they pass by the street. This is already a form of violating women's rights. It is a good thing that some women just let those statements pass by the other ear. If you are threatened, this is now the time to act and put to use the self defense skills that you learned.

Being threatened and being physically abused is the right time to move. You will feel deep inside you that something will not go right when someone is following you at your back. Though there is no physical contact, it is best that you prepare yourself and always keep your mind focused. If you find yourself threatened and being surrounded with several dangerous looking men, it is best that you scream for help. If you do so, people nearby will be alerted that someone is in dire need. Those who threatened you will definitely scat away and leave you at peace once someone has responded from your scream.

Do not wait for the right timing to ask for help. The attackers move so fast that you hardly even noticed they already snatched something from you behind your back. They too have their own tactics and if you will not use your own self defense tactics, you will be hurt badly.

Another thing is, since you already have an insight as to how dangerous it can be to walk alone, as much as possible try to avoid doing so. As mentioned, criminals are everywhere. Some are disguised that you can never tell they are criminals.

Physical and verbal threats are your signals to move. Be observant in the things that surround you especially when you are new to the place. Remember that there is no harm when you have defended yourself, either you use a self defense weapon or you use skills in martial arts perhaps just as long as you have been threatened and harmed. Just give a brief explanation to the police authority after the incident so they could implement the necessary consequences to the suspect.

We never know what will happen to us therefore we must be vigilant, be extra careful and always to keep ourselves focused no matter what. Remaining calm will also help you to defend yourself successfully from harmful elements.

Joseph Pressley is a certified TASER instructor and a Tae Kwon Do black belt and a father of two. He is the co-founder of BestStunGun.com which provides a good variety of Stun Baton and TASER for personal protection. To learn more on how these products can save your life, please visit http://www.beststungun.com.

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