Survival Foods Options - 3 Choices You Have to Prepare
In times of distress, natural disaster or even pandemics, survival foods are one of the most crucial things to have ready to go. Having adequate food to eat will help you and your family survive through the majority of emergency experiences.
By Charles O'Neill
Life Saving Things Inside Purses
Women are the most common victims of violence in almost any parts of the world. The growing population of women being involved in domestic violence is rapidly increasing and there seems to be no halt to it.
By Joseph Pressley
Obtaining a Permit Protects Oneself From the Law
Criminals are lurking everywhere. That is why we have the handy self defense devices ready to protect us whenever we are in desperate need.
By Joseph Pressley
Fast Immobilization Achieved Through Use of Pepper Spray
Pepper spray is just one of the self defense weapons trusted by many individuals. When you have one, you can stay protected and be confident enough to wander in the streets alone.
By Joseph Pressley
How to Counter - Spy Phone Invasions of Privacy
The rise of electronic bugging, terms used in phone spying, how to protect yourself from electronic bugging.
By Jerry Tarrer
Hidden Secret Weapons For Self-Defense - Attitude As A Means Of Self Defense
The possible origin of secret-hidden weapons from Feudal Japan. Your intuition, combined with your common sense, can help you avoid trouble and in many cases help you get out of trouble.
By Jerry Tarrer
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