Pepper Spray Effects and Its Duration
Oleoresin capsicum or OC spray is also commonly known as a pepper spray. This is an agent that comes in different containers used for self defense. Danger comes as a surprise that is why it is recommended that you are prepared for...
By Joseph Pressley
Little Known Facts on the Effects of TASER During and After the Zap
The TASER is a weapon purchased and used by citizens for protection against crimes. The use of this kind of stunning device is also used in different police departments across the globe.
By Joseph Pressley
Survival Supplies - Tips to Cover Your 5 Basic Needs in an Emergency
There are many ways people choose to prepare for a disaster like earthquakes, hurricanes, pandemics, terrorist attacks etc. Some store food. Some get survival kits. Some people build...
By Charles O'Neill
How to Make Your Own Urban Survival Kit If You Work in the City
If you work in the city an urban survival kit is a must-have. What is it? It's a small, unobtrusive kit that you can grab in case of emergency like a terrorist attack, pandemic outbreak, earthquake, building evacuation etc.
By Charles O'Neill
Brief History of the Famous Pepper Spray
Pepper spray is a popular self defense weapon being widely used all over the world. The effectiveness of the device when used for defending the self has proven the worth of this handy device.
By Joseph Pressley
How to Protect Yourself From Becoming a Victim of a Hate Crime
44.9 percent were motivated by racial prejudice, 21.6 percent were driven by a bias toward an ethnicity/national origin, 18.8 percent motivated by religious intolerance, 14.3 percent by sexual-orientation bias.
By Justin Lin
Understanding the Stun Gun Effects
Whenever we watch movies, we always get fascinated as to how action movie stars become too heroic in saving someone from criminals, rescuing those who are in dire need, and being a symbol of what a true citizen is all about. But that only happens...
By Joseph Pressley
Effective Guide For Defending the Self
There is fear when we walk alone the dark street on our way home. There is fear when we are left alone in our respective homes. Fear is felt after knowing that criminals are just lurking everywhere and...
By Joseph Pressley
Bug Out Bag - How to Build Your Own Boogie Bag
Bug Out Bags used to be only for the hard core survivalist. However with times getting more uncertain many every day people are looking to have one on hand. These bags are also known as a Boogie Bag, Go Bag, or GOOD bag 'Get Out Of Dodge'.
By Charles O'Neill
Urban Survival Tips - How To Prepare For Emergencies When You Live In The City
So What is Urban Survival? What Does it Mean? We've been hearing a lot about emergency preparedness in the news these days. The earthquake in Haiti, Hurricane Katrine and even the recent shutdown of flights all over Europe from the volcano in...
By Charles O'Neill
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