Different Types Microscopes Used in Industries

In laboratories, many times, there is a need of ways to see the microbes for different reasons. Microbes are extremely tiny particles that are invisible through naked eyes. Until the introduction of microscopes, it was not possible to see and study the microbes properly.

In the modern times, the microscopes are the best way of studying and analyzing the extremely tiny particles or organisms for scientific or experimental purposes. The microscopes magnify the image of the microscopic objects to a bigger level so that they are easily and clearly visible. They are used in industrial laboratories and educational institutions.

When selecting microscope, there are two main factors that are considered that are magnification power and resolution. Magnification power sib responsible for increasing the size of the image and the resolution is the ability of the microscope to maintain clarity of the magnified image.

There are various types of microscope used in industries that are as follows.

* Conventional microscope including compound and stereo microscope

* Digital Microscope

* Traditional Microscopes with a provision of digital eye attachment

The selection of a microscope should be on the purpose for which it would be used along with ease of use. Some microscopes might be easier to operate as compared to others.

Conventional Microscope

Traditional microscopes have two different types that are binocular and monocular. The magnification that can be achieved by the traditional microscope is up to 100X. These instruments are usually used for observation of slides prepared for fragile samples. In this sort of observation, the light is passed through the sample and the reflected light is received by the eyepiece with a magnified image of the sample. The slides for the testing are available in the market and can also be prepared manually by the user. The monocular microscopes are best and easier to use but they are not preferred for the observation which takes long time. If you need to observe the sample for a long time continuously, a binocular microscope would be best for you.

The stereo microscopes are the ones that have lower magnification and are used for observing the comparatively larger objects such as rocks, leaves, insects etc. these types of Microscopes are mainly uses for educational purposed.

Digital Binocular Microscopes

Digital binocular microscopes are used in industrial laboratories for studying skin, textiles, polymers, joints and so forth. These microscopes produce a digital image which can be easily viewed and stored in a computer. The software that comes with the microscope helps in time lapse photography.

Conventional Microscopes with Digital eyepiece

When a digital eyepiece is attached to a conventional microscope, it becomes a combination of convention and digital microscope which provides best working of both conventional as well as digital microscopes. The digital eyepiece is actually a digital camera which takes photos in very less time and can be easily connected to the computer so that the images could be stored in the computer for reference in future.

A microscope is a primary need for any industrial or educational laboratory for better analysis of test samples.

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