How Do Mediums Work - Mediumship Through the Ages

Though we live in a modern and enlightened age, the subject of death remains taboo. Death both fascinates and frightens us. We come into this world knowing that one day we will die, whilst actually knowing nothing about death and the process which takes place following death. Mediums are the modern day story tellers of the after life but may fear mediums and mediumship itself.

Is death really the end? Or is it a natural transition where we return to the place, our essence or spirit came from. Is our physical shell simply that, a clothing of sorts for our spirit and soul vehicle? The modern day words and rituals convey deep misunderstanding due to the style of finality we adopt when someone dies. Words like, 'at rest', convey the thought train that the end of that life does indeed signal the end.

But what if it is simply part of an age old cycle of birth, life, death, and that the spirit essence continues for all eternity whether incarnated on the earth plane or not. So the reality is that we do not know deep down inside that we do not die as we haven't yet had that experience. In exploring these questions we must keep an open mind. Minds like parachutes work best when open.

Simply asserting that life after death and communication from the other side are not possible or cannot exists as they cannot be scientifically proven is the critics' weakest response to the unexplained phenomena. Spiritualism which grew from 1848, has suffered its share of rogue practitioners, with a lot of damage caused between 1848 to late 1920 when mediumship became all the rage in America and Europe. Genuine mediums and serious students were eclipsed by the public's imagination by the more spectacular, bizarre and lurid occurrences attributed to other worldly entities.

We should judge the unexplained using criteria and seeking results that are fair, reasonable and appropriate. We should examine what is seen as proof of soul survival. Like it or not we live in a world that we do not and may never fully understand. A psychic medium is someone who can communicate with the minds of the departed. This is either due to being born with that ability or taking a path of development in life, perhaps sitting in a development circle or some other arena. A medium acts as a receiver for the spirits to communicate through at an energy frequency most of us are not able to grasp.

If you would like to experience mediumship then the best way to do that is to try a medium reading. For ease and convenience you could try a phone medium reading. I do prefer people to start at this point and then use this as a starting point to understanding what they are, what their essence is and what will happen to them for the whole that is eternity. There is not need to panic that life is ending once the physical dies and this knowledge which I class as the absolute truth can liberate ones soul.

Rachel Saxon writes for the metaphysical industry and is a Reiki Master. Highly Recommended ( Psychics Also Mediums And Tarot Reading

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