Bully Prevention and Character Education in Schools

An often overlooked, but very important part of education, involves bully prevention and character education in schools. Teachers are sometimes faced with these issues and they do not handle the problem well or at all because they are unsure of how to go about it. These issues are so delicate that people like to avoid them. However, there are better ways to approach and prevent the negative situations you may face as an educator.

Bully prevention experts agree that teachers need to make classrooms feel safe for all students. It is important for teachers to review the research on bullying in order to learn about the causes and effects of bullying. By understanding this, educators can then study best practices and develop their own strategies to deal with bullying issues. If teachers were able to focus more on character education in schools then they could work on teaching students about morals and ethical behavior, which may be one way to prevent bullying in schools.

One way to support character education in schools could be through music. For example, rock 'n' roll music can be an effective unifying force among young people especially. Rock 'n' roll music could be a way to get students to communicate with each other and share a common interest. This could help make great strides in bully prevention as well as character education in schools. Sometimes the best way to get through to students can be through music because everybody can relate to it.

In bully prevention, it is important to know the common misconceptions regarding bullies. There are strategies you can learn to help you identify bully behavior at your school. To be truly effective in bully prevention, educators should also be aware of the different types of bullying, indirect and direct. This can even be implemented through character education in schools. Educators should set ground rules and consequences so that students know what behavior is expected of them. In character education teachers can cultivate their students characters, discipline students properly, deal with controversial issues, and develop a community environment. Music can be a great way to promote this community atmosphere because it is interactive and students will want to participate.

Overall, teachers should know that they can make a difference in bully prevention and character education by using creative strategies and unorthodox methods. Rock 'n' roll music is just one of these creative strategies. There are many ways to understand and approach issues with bullying and immoral behavior. One of these strategies should be for teachers to get parents and children talking about bullying and moral issues as well as create a positive moral culture. Usually music is a great way to create a positive feeling and make everyone feel welcomed. Music is a great way to engage everybody in the community.

A nurturing attitude can also be a good strategy for teachers to employ. It is important to remember that there are ways to make the school environment a safe and secure place for everybody. Not only will you make everyday better for yourself by implementing these strategies, but you will also help those of the entire community.

Vince Welsh is CEO of Teacher Education Institute. TEI offers rigorous, graduate-level professional development courses for K-12 classroom teachers. For more about TEI, bully prevention, character education in schools visit http://www.teachereducation.com

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