Could the Education Establishment Be That Dumb?
Perhaps you saw the exchange on television. One guest said, "The administration's approach is destructive; they must be trying to hurt the country." The startled moderator exclaimed: Do you mean they're doing it on purpose? Why would you think...
By Bruce Deitrick Price
Knowledge Unlimited For Kids With Writing Worksheets
It's a fun and exciting when you make attempts to teach your child to write numbers or letters. Children put in their utmost efforts in learning new things and so you mustn't try out too hard to make them learn.
By Chris Carter
Options to Consider For Early Stage Classroom Furniture
Nothing is more conducive to a successful learning experience than a properly planned and well equipped classroom A classroom specifically designed for early stage learners should be safe, durable, and comfortable yet capture the imagination of...
By Kathryn Dawson
Will Private Tuition Help My Kid Succeed In Class?
A number of mothers and fathers believe that the best inheritance they can bestow to their sons and daughters would be education. Therefore, moms and dads generally wish for their kids to really do well in school...
By George Ellis
10 Great Ways to Ensure Your Child's Success in Math
In today's information age, data is doubling faster than ever before. Kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes - I can't keep up! The math curriculum in schools is much larger, yet schools are required to teach it with increasingly limited...
By Susan Jarema
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