How to Teach the Initial Course in Algebra to School Kids
Understanding basic mathematics expressions and the concept of equations is very important for the success in algebra. People who are successful in algebra were very strong in the mathematics basis of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and...
By Khaled Omran
Does the Use of Calculators Benefit Education or Make Students Lazy
Calculators are great tools that allow the mathematical exploration and experimentation and thus enhance the students understanding of concepts Before I go into the merits of the use of calculators in learning and how to efficiently use them...
By Khaled Omran
Figuring Out How to Tutor a Child in Math
Kids all learn at various levels and in different ways. With so many kids using their own learning methods, it can make tutoring that more complex. When someone wants to know how to tutor a child in math, they will first need to...
By Adrianna Noton
Educating Special Needs Students
Educating special needs students can be challenging. Teaching special needs requires a lot of hard work and understanding. Teaching special needs children includes teaching students with learning disabilities...
By Vince Welsh
Teaching Reading Strategies With Music
It can be difficult to teach students how to read. Teachers need to first have the specific skills/methods necessary to successfully teach reading. However, teaching reading can be made easier...
By Vince Welsh
Bully Prevention and Character Education in Schools
An often overlooked, but very important part of education, involves bully prevention and character education in schools. Teachers are sometimes faced with these issues and they do not handle the problem well or at all because they are unsure of...
By Vince Welsh
Creative And Learning Toys For Your Kids
It is always a good idea to start your child off with creative and learning toys. These types of toys will shape the child in the various formative years of his or her life.
By Adrianna Noton
Television Teaches What Public Schools Used To
Imagine the chagrin of our elite educators. They have labored for a century to purge content, facts, and knowledge from the classroom. This was a long march indeed, finally culminating in almost total victory. Students were taught little.
By Bruce Deitrick Price
Good Teachers -- Unite!!
The following plea--written 55 years ago and addressed to all the teachers of America--is still solid gold today: You are a grade-school teacher. I know that you are doing a conscientious job, that you work overtime for very little pay, that you...
By Bruce Deitrick Price
Regulating Home Tuition
We are referring to a situation where you tutor your child at home. The parent opting for a home tuition must take this word "discipline" as a sincere concern. During such home tuition, the child often tends to takes different meaning of such...
By Ted Mosbi
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