6 Methods For a Healthier Dog

If you have a dog, you are probably a dog lover, and being such you naturally want your dog to be healthy. A healthy dog is a better behaved dog and brings great joy to your life. But it's not always obvious to everyone all of the things that they can do to help ensure the best possible health of their companion. Besides taking your dog to the veterinarian annually or if he seems very ill or is injured, what can you do for your dog's health?

* Have patience. This especially applies to when you're training your dog. But there will be lots of other times when your dog doesn't understand what you want her to do. Needless to say, there will be yet other times when she wants to obey you but is distracted by something that appeals to her basic instincts (like a rabbit, for instance). Then, too, there will be times when your dog thinks you are playing when you're serious about some command that you're giving her. Don't fly off the handle and do anything that would harm or be abusive to your dog.

* Try to walk your dog for 10-20 minutes at least once per day. If your dog is able to get a lot of play outside in your yard, that's even better. If you live in the city and your dog must be kept on a short leash and spend a lot of time indoors, try to walk her at least twice a day.

* Thoroughly train your dog or take him to an obedience school. It is much easier to keep your dog healthy when he's well-behaved. Besides, you don't want a "wild" dog that does damage to your property. You aren't going to keep that dog healthy--you'll be too busy punishing him.

* Feed your dog wet food--that is, real meat--after he's one year of age (one human year). The dry, meal-based dog food is fine for puppies, but beyond that dogs need high protein diets, and real meat dog food is the way to go. Eggs are also good food for you dog and, yes, really will give him a shinier coat. Also, always make sure your dog is sufficiently hydrated. Whenever you notice that his water is low give him more, and if it's dirty change it out.

* Play with your dog on a regular basis. The typical dog breed loves to play. You can play fetch, teach your dog tricks, and so on. Dogs need to feel like their masters pay attention to them and love them. Besides, playing with your dog is also of way of getting her exercise, and all dogs need that.

* Bath your dog with anti-tick, anti-flea shampoos. Some dogs really hate getting bathed and will resist, so if that's your dog you can buy harmless pet soothing pills at places like Petco to sedate your dog for bathing. You can also buy all-natural, herb-based flea and tick killing sprays online.

Use the above tips to maintain optimal dog health in your companion.

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