How to Save on Pet Care in Times of Financial Crisis?

Caring for our beloved pets need not be expensive. Even with the rising costs of goods and the economic slump, we still want to pamper our pets one way or another--but in less costly means. There are many ways to save on pet care; it's just a matter of resourcefulness.

Do the Grooming Yourself

To lessen the trip to your pet doctor in urbane scrubs, take care of the needs of your pets in matters of hygiene and health. Preventive care is a lot less expensive than special treatment. A simple task you can do on your own is brushing your pet's teeth regularly. This will go a long way to saving you a lot of money since a vet dental-cleaning, can cost as much as $200 per visit. Other pet maintenance that you can learn to do on your own is trimming your pet's claws and brushing their coat regularly. You can ask your vet about the proper way to trim your pet's claws and other proper pet grooming. Regularly brushing your pet's coat will significantly reduce grooming costs. If you have a pet cat, regularly brushing its fur will lessen its hairballs. For dog owners, you can ask your vet how to properly clean your dog's ears to prevent ear infection.

Reduce Trips to the Vet

You can ask your veterinarian if annual vaccinations are really necessary, and if there is a possibility to reduce the number of times you have to get your pet vaccinated. The American Animal Hospital Association changed its recommendation of core vaccinations to be done only every three years instead of annually, so as to prevent over-vaccination.

Shop Around

In times of economic slump, it's time to bargain hunt and find lesser priced products and supplies for your pet including pet food, medications, and vet. Pet superstores do not necessarily charge the cheapest prices available. Scour the internet for discounts or go around your neighborhood and compare prices. Mom-and-pop pet shops may be offering lower prices than big chain pet stores. For pet medicines, the internet is a great place to hunt for discounted products. When comparing prices, make sure that the dosage and quantity are the same before your buy the product. You may also want to consider hunting for a less costly veterinarian. Routine visits to the vet average from $150 to $210 a year. Going with a less costly vet does not mean that you have to sacrifice quality. Some of the big and popular pet clinics are more expensive because of their image and what they spend on marketing, but less pricey clinics may just provide the same quality of service, if not better. Compare the prices of the services by checking out what routine visits cover.

Choose Necessity Over Fashion

Resist the urge of buying pet accessories that are not really necessary or are simply fashionable. Fancy pet clothes, carry bags, and lavish pet gifts are completely unnecessary, not to mention, expensive. Giving your pet quality time and playtime is a lot more invaluable.

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