How to Spot Common Illnesses and Disorders in Your Dog

Catching an illness or disease early is always important. Many times early detection can lead to treatment that will be very effective. As a dog owner you have to be very observant so you can detect if something is wrong with your dog. Sometimes a dog may not show any obvious signs of an illness or a disease. You need to watch for cues that something may be wrong.

Common Signs To Watch For

You know your dog the best, so it is you that is best at detecting early signs that something is wrong. Some things you might want to watch for are:
- Abrasions
- Changes in sleeping habits
- Changes in eating habits
- Changes in bathroom habits
- Changes in temperament
- Limping
- Excessive whining or barking

This is not an extensive list of things that can indicate something is wrong with your dog. It covers some of the more subtle signs. You also want to watch for obvious signs like a broken bone or injury, blood in the stool, vomiting or seizures.

Common Problems and Symptoms

There are many different health issues that your dog could face. Some breeds have specific problems that are very common that you should be aware of. Age can also lead to health issues. Here is a look at some common problems in dogs and the symptoms that you should be aware of:

- Eye problems. Many dogs have issues with glaucoma, cataracts and even blindness. Signs of eye problems include running into things, drainage from the eye and cloudiness of the eye.

- Nervous system problems. Nervous system disorders are usually genetic. They can be quite scary. This type of health problem can lead to loss of body control, trouble walking, trouble breathing and seizures. These conditions are often degenerative and so symptoms will gradually get worse. Your vet may not be able to cure a nervous disorder, but he may be able to treat the symptoms.

- Inguinal hernias. This is a very painful health problem. Dogs suffering for this disorder will be in a lot of pain and have major changes in temperament, sleeping habits, eating habits and bathroom habits.

- Parvo. This disease usually only occurs in young puppies who have not been vaccinated against the disease. It is a very dangerous and highly contagious disease. It is also usually fatal. If caught early some dogs can be treated effectively. Parvo causes bloody stools and extreme pain. Immediate medical treatment is needed for a dog with parvo.

Keeping your dog healthy is one of your main responsibilities as a dog owner. You have to keep your eye out for any health issues and get your dog medical care as soon as possible. If you are not sure if something is wrong with your dog then it is always best to error on the side of caution and take your dog to see the vet. It is always better to get your dog checked out than risk something being seriously wrong and not getting medical attention when needed.

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