The Top Reasons Training Your Dog is So Important

Many people make the mistake of never training their dog. You see, training your dog is important and brings benefits to you and your dog. Here is a look at some of the top reasons that training your dog is so important.

Reason #1 - Keep Your Dog Longer

One great reason that you will want to train your dog is to make sure you keep your dog longer. There are many dogs that end up out of control and they are put in animal shelters. When you train your dog, you can avoid behavior problems that can make a dog dangerous. This means you can keep your dog after solving any behavioral problems that your dog may have.

Reason #2 - Make Your Dog Responsive

Another reason you should train your dog is to make your dog more responsive. When you train your dog, he'll become used to listening and watching you. Instead of being distracted all the time, your dog will be focused on you. This will make your dog a better companion and you can teach them even more information as well.

Reason #3 - It Can Actually Be Fun

It can actually be a lot of fun to train your dog. If you use positive reinforcement while you are training your dog, both of you can have some fun together. You can reward your dog when he does something right and when you do this you'll get some positive feedback from your dog too.

Reason #4 - Build Your Bond

Training actually can help you to build your bond with your dog as well. This allows you to both have some great time together. As you train your dog, he will learn more and more, which will allow him to understand more about you. You'll learn more about your dog too, and together that bond will grown.

Reason #5 - More Opportunities Available

There are more opportunities available for your dog one he has been trained as well. When you have a dog that is well trained, he will be welcome in many places. Vets will be happy to treat him, groomers will love your dog, and there will be other opportunities as well.

Reason #6 - Your Dog's Safety

Probably the most important reason to train your dog is your dog's safety. When you train your dog, you may save your dog's life in the future. There are situations in life that can be dangerous to a dog. You can save your dog from a dangerous situation if he is well trained and he responds to you.

As you can see, training your dog is very important. If you purchase a puppy, it's important to begin training while your puppy is very young. If you get a full grown dog, then training can be a bit more difficult, but it is still important and worth the effort. Training can take some work and some time, but in the end it is definitely worth it to have a well trained dog.

Article by Kelly Marshall of Oh My Dog Supplies, your top spot for tough dog toys online.

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