Flea Prevention For Your Pooch

Many people battle fleas without knowing a lot about them. They are insects and they bite. That is all a human needs to know about these pests before deciding that their canine friend must remain flea free. If your pet has fleas you probably see a lot of itching and scratching going on. Your dog looks satisfied after a good scratch but the uncomfortable moments leading to that long scratch were probably antagonizing.

A flea filled home is not a happy home. What pet could be happy with fleas? Flea bites hurt and sometimes they blister up like ant bites. Many dogs are even allergic to fleas and get skin problems relating to their presence.

Everyone wants a happy home without disgusting fleas. Every dog deserves to be flea free.

Scary facts about fleas:

* One flea can have over 2,000 eggs in a lifetime.

* 95% of flea stages take place without a pet host.

* In southern climates fleas re-produce year around.

* Those allergic to fleas must be treated aggressively in order to prevent them.

* If your pet becomes re-infested with fleas it will require you to take all flea prevention steps over again.

* All animals in the household must be treated for fleas

* Flea control requires year around prevention

* Only 4 fleas that eat 4 times a day for one hundred days will bite your canine 1,600 times.

* Adult Fleas lay between 150-300 eggs Per Week!

*According to estimates for ever flea you find on your pet 100 more are lurking in the shadows.

When looking at the different types of flea preventions for your dog you may notice that you have many options.

You have the option of oral medicine in which prevents the growth of larvae and fleas becoming adults. The oral medicines however do not kill adult fleas that remain on your dog.

Do not use topical or oral flea medications on your dog. Oral and topical flea medications cause un-needed suffering for your pets. Your pet is not a flea prevention tool. Dogs will obtain fleas naturally and you need to find a constructive way to defeat the enemy without hurting your friend.

On a trip to my local trip to the veterinary office I was told by the veterinarian something that most people don't know. The veterinarian told me that fleas do not like lemons or strong lemon scents. Here is an idea that can keep your home smelling fresh after getting rid of the fleas and prevent fleas from coming back.

Many of you know that flea prevention products smell awful. Flea prevention doesn't have to smell awful after you get rid of the fleas in your home. Here are a few steps to help keep your home smelling fresh and keeping the fleas from returning.

Step 1: Use products that kill fleas.

Step 2: After the fleas are dead spray your carpet with a lemon scented cleaner such as Lysol.

Step 3: Bathe your dog with a lemon scented hand soap.

This is just an option if you have a family member who is allergic to many of the flee prevention methods that use a lot of chemicals.

A flea free home is a happy home. Good Luck

Article by Kelly Marshall of Oh My Dog Supplies, your top source for large dog carriers online

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