Top Tips For Feeding Your Pooch to Keep Him Happy and Health

When you get a dog, you may think all you need to do is grab some food, put it in a bowl, and give it to your dog. To keep your dog healthy and happy, you need to feed your dog carefully. There are many things to keep in mind to ensure you don't make your dog sick or make him anxious about eating. Here are a few great tips for feeding your pooch to remember to keep your pooch as happy and well fed as possible.

Tip #1 - Change From Time to Time

It is a good idea to change your brand of dog food or at least the flavor from time to time. This is important to help keep your dog from getting too much of one ingredient and it also helps to avoid deficiencies as well.

Tip #2 - Change Foods Carefully

While you should change your dog's food from time to time, you need to change food very carefully. Start out slowly. Mix in a bit of new food with the old. Slowly increase this mixture until your dog is eating all new food. This can take a few weeks to accomplish but it is important you do this slowly for your dog's health.

Tip #3 - Watch Your Dog

Whenever you begin using a new food, watch your dog carefully. Look at his coat and skin. Consider his energy level and appetite. Look for any problems. If there are negative problems, consider changing the food or if the changes are severe, see the vet.

Tip #4 - Consider Using Supplements

Dog foods do not all provide the nutrients that your dog needs. In some cases, you may want to consider using supplements to ensure your dog is getting the vitamins and other nutrients that he needs. Some great supplements include probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Tip #5 - Give Dogs Some Canned Food

It's a good idea to give your dog at least some canned food. This usually has less grain and more protein for dogs than the dry foods contain. The dry food also doesn't clean your dog's teeth as well either. While you don't have to give your dog all canned food, some is definitely a great idea.

Tip #6 - Make Some Food

Although you may not have time to do this all the time, it is a great idea to consider making some of the food for your dog. Why try this? Well, when you make the food yourself, you know what ingredients are going into the food. The great thing is that it doesn't cost a lot or even take a lot of time. You can find great recipes for home made dog food and even making the food a couple times each week can really help you ensure your dog is getting the nutrition that he needs.

Your dog's food is very important. The right food will keep him healthy but the wrong food can cause your dog many physical problems. Keep these tips in mind as you feed your dog. He'll be happy and health when you feed him the right way.

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