Great Ideas For Home-Prepared Pug Treats

Finding the perfect and safe diet for your pet pug is getting to be a major challenge, and recent events are even making it more difficult for us. Just recently, we saw the recall of over 60 million pouches and cans of assorted dog and cat food of over 90 different brands. With the way things are going, you really have to come up with a "blueprint" of a home-prepared diet that is perfect for your pet pug.

Home Treats Basics

Here are some of the basic guidelines that you can consider when preparing home-made treats for your pet pug. There are several things that you have to cover before you can start preparing the home-made meal for your pug.

The first thing that you have to decide is whether you are going to give your pug raw treats or cooked meals. You must also decide whether you will include in your pug's diet raw bones or not.

You can check out resources and information regarding these diets, and assess the advantages and disadvantages of each. Most owners will choose the diet for their pug based on personal choice and convenience. This means that it is best that you choose one that you are comfortable with.

There are three essential elements that you have to take into account when preparing home-prepared diet for your pug. These are:

- Balance of diet over time
- Variety of diet
- Calcium content

Creating a recipe for your pug that is balanced with all the essential nutrients can be extremely difficult. Thus, it is important that you can vary the mix of your pug's diet to ensure that you are feeding them a well-balanced diet over time. By giving your pug with a variety of food stuff, you are assured that he gets all the essential nutrients needed for his growth and development.

Advantages of Home-Made Dog Treats

1. Owner Control

One of the major reasons why you have to go for home-prepared diet for your pug is that you get full control on the kinds of foods that your pet pug eats. You will no longer have to worry about hidden ingredients and additives and other unnecessary ingredients that may be added in your pug's meal. Going for home-prepared meals is also your viable option if you are concerned with some special needs of your pet pug. These include sensitivities and food allergies of your pet pug.

2. Health Issues

The significant health benefits that one gets from holistic diet are also the major reasons why you may have to go for home-made treats for your pug. This type of diet is perfect for pugs that are having recurring digestive issues including upset stomachs and diarrhea.

Disadvantages of Home-made Dog Treats

1. Time consuming

This is obviously the major downside if you are going to shift from dog food to home-prepared diet. If you are following a hectic daily schedule, you may have some difficulties in giving up the simple routine of dropping by at the local store to buy canned dog food. When traveling with your pug, you will have to make special arrangements to ensure that your pug gets his regular supply of food while you are on the road. For instance, you may have to bring a cooler if you need to refrigerate your pug's food.

2. Tedious preparation

You may have to spend some time to gather all the essential information and learn the things that are critical in the preparation of a perfect home-made diet for your pug. You must also have serious consultation with your vet to ensure that you create a well-balanced meal for your pet pug.

The Next Step

Once you are done with the preliminaries, your next step will be to shift your pug's diet from dog food to home-prepared meals. It is extremely important that you gradually wean your pet pug from his current diet over to the new diet. Ask your veterinarian for the appropriate time line for this. In most cases, this process takes about a week or two to complete.

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