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Being in this world, you always want that there should be someone whom you love and who loves you and spends quality time with you. Despite the fact that dog is considered as the man's best friend, it has been consenting that choosing a dog is a wise decision. Along with men, dogs are also social animals, so it is important that there must be a good match between you and your dog.

As we all aware that there are many numerous types of dogs available in this world from which we have to choose; some are rare and some are common in nature, some belong to various breed or mixed breed as well. You cannot make your decision that is based upon only dog's face hence other attributes are also considered.

When picking a dog, various questions come in mind related to dog's behavior, temperament, health and even his or her appearance. You look for a dog perfect for your family unit. You look for your desirable credentials in your dog. There are so many questions which should be considered before buying a dog. In this article, I would go in detail to offer some valuable guidelines about the Pomeranian dog breed, which will definitely help you in picking the dog that is happy and healthy for your personal state of affairs.

Consider about a Pomeranian dog as your next family member. The Pomeranian or Pom is a small size dog having wedge shape head, almond shaped dark eyes, which are medium in size, erect ears, straight and flat feathered tail. It is a breed of dog of Spitz's type. The Pomeranian dog is also commonly known as Zwergspitz. It is very popular all over the world because this breed was owned by royals. Currently, fashion for small dogs has increased in trend and the Pomeranian breed is in the top 15 most fashionable dogs in the USA. The Pomeranian dog is classified as a toy dog breed just because of the small size of the dog.

The Pomeranian dog is going to change your life. It is going to take up your time and energy with feeding, grooming, exercising, playing and many more proceedings. The Pomeranian's are found extremely loyal, intelligent, loving, sturdy, and healthy. They are evaluated between 5 to 7 pounds in weight and 7 to 12 inches in height. Further, the life expectancy of a Pomeranian is about fifteen years.

Although, the Pomeranian dogs are easy to groom and care for, but they need your petite attention. The Pomeranians can be easily groomed even in less than a day. For the healthy and good looks, you should brush or bath your dog in a week. You can keep your pet good looking and healthy through care, like tooth brushing, body bathing, nails clipping and overall health caring. Care is also a good way to affix you with the pet. There are also some health risks in Pomeranians which are commonly tooth loss, color change, knee slips or Luxating patellas, eye infection, hair loss etc. Therefore, it is recommended that dog should be checked by some proficient vet on regular basis.

If you are looking forward for the Pomeranian dogs or puppies, then you should make sure and get information from various resources like from the internet or in traditional way from some reputable Pomeranian breeders. The Pomeranian dog is a good option for those who are living in small homes or apartments, as they can easily adapt themselves. They require a daily exercise such as short walks for the healthy conduct. Poms do not hassle about some particular diet; however, dry dog food is what they love most and it is also good for their fragile teeth. No doubt, the Pomeranian dogs are very dynamic and loving in behavior. They are elegant and fun loving pets for any family.

Bruno is a web entrepreneur and social media marketing consultant working for the Norwegian dog community website where he is responsible for recruitment of new community members. He owns a lovely pomeranian and is participating in the Pomeranian Forum on weekly basis.

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