Food For Your Pomeranian

When it comes to food and nutrition, the Pomeranian is among the dogs needing low maintenance. However, it always helps to take a little care, so that the dog is always in good health.

Pomeranians tend to be extremely fussy about the food they eat. While you might want them to eat a specially formulated food, they might prefer to eat your daily food. Thus, it is necessary for the owner to be aware of the dog diet basics. This way, he can ensure that the Pomeranian gets all the nutrition he needs even if not through a conventional diet.

Meat or Plants: Dogs, being carnivores, are likely to reject all plant food and prefer meat. However, each dog is different. There have been instances where Pomeranians prefer to eat vegetables to meaty dog food formulations. However, you should strive to keep the Pomeranian's diet more focused on meat-based food, rather than plant food.

Pomeranian Loving Plant Food: If your Pomeranian is among the few that prefer plants to meat, you might be fraught with worry. After all, you might wonder whether your Pomeranian gets all the nutrition it needs through the plant food and fruits that he eats. However, you don't need to worry. There are special formulations of half-digested plant food for dogs available in the market. These will appeal to your dog, while causing no trouble with his digestive system.

Allergies to Food: At the same time, make sure that the dog food contains plants to which your dog is not allergic. Some dogs shows signs of a problem when they eat corn or soy beans in their food. A good way to tell if your dog is allergic to the food it eats is by checking to see whether he licks his paw frequently or rubs his nose on the carpet. The worst-case scenario would probably be when your Pomeranian vomits after eating his plant-based food. If you suspect that your Pomeranian is allergic to plant based food, do not bother giving him any vegetables or fresh fruits, because they will only cause him trouble. Instead, feed your Pomeranian raw turkey or chicken meat, or even cooked meat.

Teething Issues: You should always ensure that the food you feed your Pomeranian dog does not result in tooth problems. It is best to provide the Pomeranian with dry food, as the dog gets all the nutrition it requires, while avoiding any tooth problems. This is another reason why food eaten by humans is not healthy for a Pomeranian. 'People food' can lead to many health problems in the dog, including liver diseases and tooth problems. Specialized dog food is the best choice of food to provide the Pomeranian, as it keeps the dog's gums and teeth healthy.

Puppy Food: Pomeranian puppies need the same diet that their adult counterparts require. However, the owner should not thrust the raw food to the puppy immediately, because the puppy's stomach needs to develop further before it can handle and digest raw meat. Instead, introduce the raw food gradually, little by little in his diet. Give the puppy dry and cooked food in little portions at each meal. You can provide him with cooked lamb or cooked chicken. After fifteen minutes have passed, put away any uneaten food. For adult and puppy Pomeranians, you should always leave them with adequate amounts of fresh water at all times.

The biggest reason why Pomeranian owners cannot maintain a proper diet for their Pomeranians is that, these dogs tend to eat more than required when they like the food. However, owners should be aware that Pomeranians do not need large amounts of food. They only need to eat the adequate, healthy amount, and drink a lot of water. Since each dog is different and individualistic, it is best to consult with the vet and come up with a nutritious diet for your Pomeranian.

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