Integrating a Pomeranian Into Your Family

Getting a Pomeranian to your house is an easy task. However, what is not easy is integrating the dog into your family. To integrate the Pomeranian into your family, you have to familiarize it with your family members, family pets, family friends, and their pets as well. A Pomeranian or any other dog that has already established a social life has an easier time accepting newcomers. However, you need to take care to introduce the newcomer properly.

First, you need to integrate the Pomeranian with other dogs that you have in your family. Allow the Pomeranian and the other dogs to interact outside your house, where they each stand on equal ground. You can also integrate your Pomeranian with other dogs of your friends in this manner. You can do this by asking your friend to come on a walk with her dog, while you take your Pomeranian with you. Make sure that the duration of the walk is adequate for the dogs to get used to the other's presence and company. In addition, ensure that the dogs are always on a leash. Then, come back to the house, and switch dogs with your friend. Now, take a tour of the house with the switched dogs, while they remain on a leash.

Another method you can use to make your Pomeranian socialize with other dogs, you can let the other dogs around you loose, while you keep the Pomeranian leashed and tied to you. This way, the Pomeranian learns that everyone in the house is an equal, but he is a newcomer who has to accommodate to the house.

Whenever your Pomeranian tries to mark his territory in the house, you can jerk his leash sharply, and sternly say "No!" Whenever possible, try to maintain intolerance toward marking of territory. However, when your Pomeranian interacts with other dogs, let them sniff each other. It is the doggie equivalent of the human "Hello!"

With an increase in the interactions your Pomeranian has with other dogs and people, it becomes easier for him to accept newcomers and friendly strangers. Thus, try to invite your friends and their pets home as much as possible. You can let the dogs play among themselves, so that your dog learns to be more relaxed with other animals, as well as people. As a result, handling him around people will be a lot easier.

Remember that a Pomeranian that is still a puppy usually generates better impressions on your guests, while an adult Pomeranian might be more hostile. If you have other pets as well, it is necessary that your Pomeranian set a good impression on your guests from the very beginning. It signifies the beginning of a good relationship, which results in better interactions in the future.

Setting rules is imperative when you are making your Pomeranian socialize. You must ensure that your Pomeranian is on a leash whenever you have a gathering in your house. This will make sure that your dog does not leap on them or scare them in any other way.

Finally, you must ensure that the Pomeranian does not bark whenever someone rings the doorbell. Pomeranians usually have a high-pitched bark that can be irritating to the owners. However, it is unfair to expect the Pomeranian not to bark. Rather, you should teach the Pomeranian acceptable behavior and the right times to bark. Your dog should also resist running to greet guests at the door, as this can frighten some people. Instead, make your dog sit beside you, and ensure that the guests do not pay attention to it until everyone enters. Once everyone is in, your Pomeranian will have had enough time to judge the newcomers. You can then allow people to pet him, as he will be calmer.

With this, your Pomeranian will have integrated into your household in a calmer and trouble-free span of time.

Bruno is a web entrepreneur and social media marketing consultant working for the Norwegian dog community website where he is responsible for recruitment of new community members. He owns a lovely pomeranian and is participating in the Pomeranian Forum on weekly basis.

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