Grooming Your Pomeranian

A Pomeranian dog can be quite high maintenance when it comes to grooming. You need to pay more attention to your dog regularly, so that it always remains well groomed. The main tools you require to groom your Pomeranian are metal comb with medium-sized teeth, a pin or slicker brush, cotton buds and scissors. Always ensure that your Pomeranian dog enjoys the grooming process, by using treats and playing with the dog.

Bathing the Pomeranian:

Bathing the dog is also extremely effective in the prevention of skin irritation. Bath the Pomeranian regularly, as this washes off any dirt or dust collected by the Pomeranian on his coat. Dust and dirt are abrasive to the coat of the Pomeranian dog. At the same time, do not bath the Pomeranian too much. Bathing him twice a month is more than enough. Bathing the dog excessively can be injurious to his skin, and might remove the essential oils on his skin and coat, leading to matted hair.

Brushing the Coat:

The coat of the Pomeranian dog requires regular brushing, so that it remains ball-like and floppy. In order to prevent dandruff and dry skin, make sure that you brush him at least twice or thrice in a week. Always lift the outer coat of the Pomeranian while brushing him, so that the bristles of the comb start at the hair's roots. This way, you can brush the undercoat of the dog. Brush the coat downwards and out. This reduces the hair shed by the Pomeranian.

The brushing activity will have to increase in frequency when the Pomeranian sheds hair. However, make sure that you brush the coat after wetting it. Misting the coat with water, or water with a little quantity of conditioner, before brushing the coat will prevent matting.

For brushing, it is best to use a bristled brush or a pin brush. In addition, make sure that you remove all the loose hair from your Pomeranian's coat. Loose hair will cause the Pomeranian's coat to mat, and you will need to clip the hair to remedy this problem. In order to ensure that the Pomeranian dog is clean, clip the hair around the rear of your Pomeranian. Also, pay attention to the spots behind the dog's groin and ears, as they are very likely to curl and tangle.

Trimming the Hair:

Trimming is another essential activity that ensures that the Pomeranian's coat looks good. In addition, keep the dog free from fleas and parasites. They cause an itching sensation in the dog, thus making him bite and scratch at his coat. This, again, will result in matted hair.

The Ears and The Nails:

A complete grooming should always include the ears and nails of the dog. Check these parts to ensure that there is no damage or problem. Cotton buds are very necessary for the ears of the Pomeranian. At the same time, ensure that the nails of the dog are very short. To maintain short nails, you need to trim them once in three months. Irregular trimming of the nails might allow them to grow long, and into the flesh of the Pomeranian. To reverse this and rescue the dog from the pain of ingrown nails, you might need to arrange for surgery.

If you have never clipped the nails of your Pomeranian before, you might want to use a few tips. Whenever you clip the nails of your Pomeranian, avoid clipping the quick, which is the softest part of the dog's nail. This is the pink part of the dog's nail, situated near the base of the nail. Clipping this part will cause bleeding and pain for your dog. If the shade of your dog's nail is dark, clip the nail little by little, until you almost reach the quick.

With this, you have completed grooming your Pomeranian dog. Now, you are sure to have a healthy dog with a beautiful coat.

Bruno is a web entrepreneur and social media marketing consultant working for the Norwegian dog community website where he is responsible for recruitment of new community members. He owns a lovely pomeranian and is participating in the Pomeranian Forum on weekly basis.

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