Breeding Guide For Your Pet Pomeranian

Are you about to breed your Pomeranian? There are things that you have to carefully consider before you decide to breed your pet pom. The first rule that you have to follow is that breeding is best left to professional breeders. While it is true that this task is the exclusive domain of the experts, it is still essential that you know the basics of dog breeding. There are so many things that are involved, and it is important that you know what your responsibilities are and the things that you must observe to ensure that the breeding produces healthy pom pups.

Important Breeding Elements

It is important that you carefully think things over before breeding your Pomeranian. There are some dog owners who want to breed "designer" dogs. Designer dogs are those that were bred from different bloodlines and given cute names. This practice weakens the Pomeranian bloodline. You have to understand that this is just a passing fad, and you don't want to go this route if you want to preserve the pure bloodline of your pet pom. Thus, your best pick will always be a purebred Pomeranian.

The breeding procedure is not just about having a male dog and female dog together. There are important aspects that need to be complied with and performed before you can finally start with the actual breeding procedure. Of course, both dogs should be properly evaluated. Professional breeders are in the best position in determining the best pairings of the dogs to be bred. You have to understand that having an AKC registration is not enough reason to proceed with the breeding of your pet pom. Both dogs must undergo a complete medical checkup. It is important that both dogs are in perfect health and that neither the male dog nor the female dog carries any hereditary diseases that can be passed down to the pups.

Preparing for the B Day

What is the first rule that you have to follow when you want to breed your Pomeranian? You must be properly prepared before you start this most important and very sensitive aspect of being a responsible pet owner.

Of course, you have to be financially prepared for this. Breeding translates to additional veterinary bills. On top of that, the pregnancy may present some complications requiring medical attention. Added to these major considerations is the possibility that your dog may have to go through caesarian procedure. Finally, you will also have to allocate some extra budget for additional food or milk supplements.

Do you have that extra time you can spend with your pet pom during pregnancy? Will you be able to watch over the newborn pups round the clock? One of the critical issues affecting most newborn puppies that you have to watch out for is hypoglycemia. Since, this task require your constant presence, it is essential that you work out your daily routine and schedule way ahead of time.

Are you emotionally prepared for this one? Even the best dog breeders will experience losses. This is a reality that we have to accept. Despite all the preparations and vast experience of our breeder, there might be one or more puppies that will not make it through.

What must you do if you don't want to breed your pet pom? Once you have decided not to breed your Pomeranian, it is best that you have them spayed. Dog spaying is a permanent surgical procedure, and once it is performed on your dog, it cannot be reversed. Thus, it is important that you carefully take into account all considerations before you decide to have your pom spayed. You can also have your pom spayed in her later years to avoid serious complications of the uterus. Once you decide to have them spayed, the best options would be to have the surgical procedure done on your pet pom before the first heat. This can greatly reduce the risk of developing mammary and ovarian cancer.

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