Teaching and Training Your Puppy

When the owner first starts training the puppy it seems hard when first starting, but as time passes it gets easier for both. The constant giving of commands to the little puppy seems cruel, because it seems like you are yelling at the dog. The entire purpose of getting your puppy trained is to teach them how to obey commands and perform the commands on queue when asking the dog to do something.

When the puppy first comes home it might growl at strangers, bark or cry all the time and even chew on furniture, this is all normal, but to stop the dog from doing these types of acts you need to train it. There are professionals who train dogs in dog training schools, they cost for this type of training is expensive but it is worth it because a professional is training the dog.

You might think its easy training your new puppy, then you realize it is harder than you thought, you become aggravated, don't let this stop your training. One great method of training your puppy is to crate it; this is not a cruel method but a widely accepted method of training. When looking for a leash, make sure the leash is not a retractable leash. This type of leash you will lose all control over the puppy, get a short leash to show the dog you are the boss.

Start training your dog right away this is one of the best ways to begin. Waiting to train your dog will create bad habits; by training the puppy early you can teach it good habits. Using the same commands each time is very important; this reinforces the tasks the dog needs to do.

Some many places offer some type of training classes, kennels and pet stores do, and one of the best ways to find a great trainer is by referrals from someone you know and having the trainer train your puppy alone with no other animals. Many classes or trainers provide some type of guarantee; if your dog needs reinforcement just let them know.

Training is not just for the dog it is also for the dog owner. When training your dog and having it obey your commands will open a line of communication between the puppy and you. The time period that works the best when training your new puppy is before six months, this is the optimum time.

During the early stages of your puppy you will be shaping the character, the behavior, temperament and the habits of your dog, so training early on is very important because you do not want your dog to pick up bad habits. Everyone wants their puppy to succeed with their training, so reinforcing good habits and stopping the bad habits and behavior is a must.

Getting your puppy in the right direction is important, you don't want to battle with your dog later on and try to change bad habits. Training does not have to happen overnight, start off with simple commands and then build on these commands, continue to with the everyday, repetition is the key to success.

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