Tips For Hosting a Successful Dog Party

Dog parties are becoming a popular event for pets and their owners. Although it may sound silly, throwing a party for your dog can be a good experience for your pet and a great opportunity for you to socialize with your fellow canine enthusiasts. From canine cakes to dog treat goodie bags, you can go the whole nine yards. It doesn't have to be your dog's birthday, either! Throw a party for any occasion themed around your favorite furry companion. Follow these helpful tips to get started with the right dog treats, hors devours and decorations.

Dog Decorations for your Party

You can do quite a lot with only a little when decorating for your canine-themed event. Try cutting colored paper into dog treat shapes. A few streamers are nice, but not necessary. Paw prints are another easy choice that can really dress up the party area. If you have spare dog beds in your home, consider dusting them off and getting them out for the visiting canines to use. Although seating for the four legged party goers is not required, the gesture will be appreciated!

Party Refreshments for Two and Four Legged Guests

Next, plan your menu for the event. For the dogs, colorful dog treats are a great choice. You can often buy a bag of multi-colored biscuits or a similar treat. If you want to get fancy, visit a local gourmet pet treat store and order enough fancy dog cookies to go around! For the human visitors, the refreshments are entirely up to you. Adding a dog theme will help tie each item in with the party. For example, if you make finger sandwiches, try cutting them into dog bone shape.

If you like, you can also make up party favors for your furry guests. A colorful baggie with a few dog treats inside works well. If you want to get more elaborate, consider combining a small chew toy or a few different dog treats.

Activities for the Guests

Depending on the occasion, you can plan your dog party however you like. It could be a strictly socializing event, or you could plan a few activities. If you have a fenced in back yard, rounds of fetch are a great choice. Make sure you supply plenty of Frisbees and tennis balls. Remember, these items may be destroyed during the party because of busy canine chewers. Also make a point to leave plenty of water bowls outside when hosting an outdoor party during warm weather months. A few candy dishes of dog treats are also a great addition!

Party Safety Tips

Include a note with your dog party invitation requesting that all canines in attendance be up to date on vaccinations as well as spayed or neutered. This is important to avoid any mishaps. Also plan to blockade any off-limits areas in your home. Create perimeter for the party to take place within. Closing doors is a good way to start and baby gates can help block off any hallways. If you have other pets, it might be best to put them in a separate area until the part has concluded in case any of the dogs present might be encouraged to chase them. And remember to have plenty of spare dog treats on hand!

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