Rabbit Runs: Pamper the Inner Wanderer in Your Rabbit

Do you feel that your pet rabbit is feeling down with the weather? Does he look withdrawn and unable to respond to your calls and petting? Maybe he is feeling overweight and heavy. And that contributes to rabbit obesity and other complications.

Has he been getting enough exercise land fresh air lately? To make sure he gets enough exercise needed to keep his body feeling in tiptop shape, Rabbit Runs are a necessary part of caring for your dear pet.

Rabbits by nature are used to wandering acre upon acre of woodland, searching for food. They cover great distances and are not the least bothered by the long trek.

Their bodies are equipped with the proper equipment to tackle long and arduous journeys over rough terrain.

Then suddenly, turned into a household pet, he is a pampered domesticated creature, given all the food and sustenance he can eat and drink, and he does not need to anymore roam vast distances to satisfy his hunger.

Being a natural wanderer, he will definitely start to look for physical activity.

Rabbit Runs provide much-needed physical activity for a rabbit feeling cooped up in his hatch. Imagine being cooped in cramped quarters seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

Even humans feel cabin fever after mere days trapped inside their house. Think about how your rabbit feels.

Set him free in a controlled environment. He needs to exercise to prevent atrophy in those muscles. Just make sure he does not get out of his play area, as some predators may be around.

You just cannot keep him indoors for long periods of time. You need to get him outside for some fresh air and a chance to commune with nature and memories of his former habitat. It can do your rabbit good to once again feel and nibble on grass.

Rabbit Runs are intended to give your pet bunny rabbit ample space for running and jumping, to keep him from developing sores and life-endangering aches and pains resulting from lack of moving space in his hatch.

Feeling cramped inside his cage, a rabbit can develop muscle and bone problems, Rabbit Runs can prevent that by giving him a playground to run and hop to his heart's content!

A Rabbit Run is an enclosed cage that keeps your pet rabbit inside, but permits him to roam around, feeling the soft grass on his tummy. A rabbit needs these to keep him healthy and immune to sickness.

Several hours a day on grass can do wonders for the health of your rabbit. He gets to sniff around hop all he wants

His powerful hind legs were made for running and jumping, not crawling and basically feeling cramped in a tight space. A rabbit run can give him a breather from all that.

Rabbits not able to roam around and jump and play are found to become aggressive and withdrawn. All this due to lack of exercise that could easily be avoided by placing them in a Rabbit Run everyday.

Also, rabbit obesity can result from too little exercise and too little time inside a comfortable rabbit run.

Give your pet rabbit a treat today and place him in a Rabbit Run. You owe it to him to give him much needed exercise, and a little fresh air.

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