The Double Rabbit Hutch - Living Space Fit For a King!

Rabbit hutches are not all built the same. Some may satisfy aesthetics but fall short in safety and comfort for your pets, while some, although adequate, are simply too unsightly to display.

The rabbit is a sensitive creature, the slightest cut or bruise will affect it greatly and may even weaken it considerably, causing it to suffer. Suffering that could easily be avoided if only its owners took care in choosing its housing and recreation area.

Rabbit owners more often than not make the costly mistake of buying housing for their pets by merely thinking if it will fit in with the furniture at the house, never mind if it will contribute to their pets' healthy existence in a contained space.

The Double Rabbit Hutch is a two-tiered housing quarters and lounging area for your furry friends. It is spacious, space saving and easy to clean.

Some foolish or simply inexperienced people just buy a hutch or Rabbit Cage without considering the space their rabbit needs to grow healthily. They usually get the first hutch they see and hope that their pet likes it. That cannot be more harmful and dangerous, not to mention uncomfortable to your favorite pet than you think.

You have to consider how large your rabbit is going to be before buying a hutch or Rabbit Cage. Also consider the number of pet rabbits you intend on keeping. In the long run, the Double Rabbit Hutch would be the perfect solution if you intend on adding more to your pet rabbits.

Another thing to consider is the space for feeding bowls and entry points for drinking water. Take precise measurements of your existing bowls to see if they would fit into the Rabbit Cage without compromising moving space for your rabbits. The ideal rabbit hutch or Rabbit Cage should satisfy all these, as these promote the healthy living conditions a rabbit needs.

Make sure that the materials of the Double Rabbit Hutch are acceptable for its safety and longevity. Surfaces that may come in contact with its droppings and urine must be rot-resistant and preferably of wire mesh, to prevent unsavory odors that seep into urine-steeped wooden materials.

If your potential Rabbit Cage is painted, ask if it is toxin and lead-free, as rabbits are known to nibble on their housing units, thinking they are edible branches.

Make sure that the sides are solidly made, to prevent the escape and loss of persistent rabbits. Getting out of their hutches puts rabbits in impending danger from getting trapped in tight spaces, to confrontation with predators and other creatures that may hurt them or infect them with disease. The Double Rabbit Hutch should be their protection aside from being their home.

Lastly, make sure that your pet's potential living quarters are easy to clean, without tight nooks and corners where dirt and other things may get stuck and possibly contribute to rotting of the material they are made of.

With ample room to provide space for addition, the Double Rabbit Hutch is the ultimate space saver, especially if your living space has limited options for additional pet housing.

Even if no bigger than your typical dresser, the Double Rabbit Hutch will accommodate even larger breeds of rabbits with ease.

Buying adequate living space that is a Rabbit Cage or hutch entails a lot of matters to consider, with the comfort and safety of your favorite pet the most important factors.

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