The Fox Proof Rabbit Run: A Balance Between Protection and Freedom

The Fox Proof Rabbit Run, aside from protecting your favorite pets from harm, also gives them the opportunity to run around, play and generally act if in their natural habitat.

Caring for rabbits has become quite the rage nowadays.

No longer raised for the cruel, inhuman purpose of being alternative meat sources, the charming rabbits have taken their place as the world's most lovable pets, according to their owner as well as to casual observers.

With their enchanting docile and timid nature, rabbits endear themselves to their owners, inspiring the protective instinct in them.

With its reinforced walls and hinges, not to mention industrial strength wire mesh and chew proof wood, the Fox Proof Rabbit Run can deter even the most persistent efforts of the natural predators of rabbits, the cunning fox.

Be reminded, though, in the event that a predator such as a silent weasel or raccoon is nearby and the rabbits sense its presence, that rabbits may also experience shock and, in extreme cases, even die of panic-induced heart attacks.

While protecting your beloved rabbits is a paramount concern, healthy exercise is also important to the good physical well-being of your rabbits.

This balance of safety and health is one considerable factor in choosing the Fox Proof Rabbit Run as the ideal housing for your pet.

The Fox Proof Rabbit Run's typical design is a rectangular house with a sloping roof with an incorporated plane and running area below.

The hutch may be mobile, with wheels to facilitate easy moving, or fixed to an existing structure. It would depend on the owner's use and necessity.

Foxes are not the only predators that the Fox Proof Rabbit Run deters. Overexcited dogs, curious cats, even airborne predators such as hawks and owls are also prevented form harming your pets.

Rabbits, being natural wanderers and burrowers, will benefit greatly with the rabbit run. The bottom part, being spacious enough for rabbit activities such as running, hopping and jumping, also prevents them from getting out and exploring the outside world.

Your pet rabbit should be allowed to exercise for at least two to three hours a day. This is vital to maintain his muscle tone, and is also important in keeping him from becoming bored stiff in his cage.

If the Fox Proof Rabbit Run is not big enough for your pet, or you are considering adding more rabbits, Large Rabbit Hutches provide adequate shelter and comfortable sleeping quarters for your pet rabbits and also has an incorporated run underneath for your rabbits' healthy exercise.

Your pet rabbits need a lot of room to scurry about and move around. The Large Rabbit Hutch should be large enough to permit your pet rabbit free movement. It also needs to be big enough to house the litter box and food dishes and water bowls without cramping your rabbit.

The Large Rabbit Hutch may come in metal or wood. It would depend on where you intend on placing it. Wood hutches may be used outside while metal hutches, being susceptible to rust if exposed to the elements, are better positioned indoors.

The Large Rabbit Hutch is the best of both worlds. It provides ample protection against predators for your rabbits, while giving an area for exercise and recreation for their enjoyment.

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