Blending Two Cats

We have a Burmese cat, our first cat because we were dog people and never dreamed we would ever own a Cat but we met a friend of a friend who had a Burmese and it was the most awesome animal I had seen in awhile. A few months later we had our own, Sid. We spoiled him rotten, only went outside with a leash.

Then a friend of my wife needed a place to stay, we said yes and then she asked if she could bring her cat. He is a tabby in color but looks like part Manx with a tail. I read up a little bit about merging two cats and it can be quite a challenge and may take months. A male outside cat named not neutered and our inside spoiled Burmese cat, we needed to turn them into friends. This is how we did it.

1. They would have their own space in our finished basement.

2. We told her to bring his food bowl, liter box, and toys.

3. She would bring him to his new room and keep him there for a day or two.

4. We let them meet the two days later, very brief, smelled each other and hissed.

5. We then let them up in the house each day for about a week.

6. They still acted like they would fight at any opportunity. We kept a broom handy to break up any fighting.

7. After a week or so they began rubbing on each other like exchanging scents.

8. Then slowly they began to play a little and chase each other around.

9. They play together on the cat tree, sleep next to each other, look out the window side by side..

It takes time to bring two cats together, it is a slow process and one needs to have a lot of patience. The cat that lives in the house will be very possessive of many of his things like his toys, his cat tree if he has one. Sid did not like Tabby playing on his tree but after awhile they were chasing each other all over it and having a great time. So it takes a while to learn to share. It's very much like a couple of kids that just met except for all the smelling

Now after about 6 weeks they have become best friends. An outside cat and a prissy purebred who would have thought that would ever work out. We sure didn't. They eat and drink out of the same bowl, use each others cat box and look for each other when one is missing. When Tabby is downstairs, Sid will sit by the door and wait for him to come out, they chase each other all over the house and it is very entertaining for us. If you have one lonely cat consider adopting another one, they love friendship and will be much happier cats. So two opposites can be attracted to each other in time. And two cats may just be better than one.

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