Different Dog Breeds

They say that "dogs are man's best friend", it's quite true actually because people who love dogs very much tend to create a special kind of bond and connection that others cannot see. Since many of them prefer dogs as their pet and as a companion, they can benefit in being familiar with different kinds of dog breeds and effective ways in training them.

The Akita dogs are recognizable with their curled tail and bear shaped head that is best characterized by the Spitz breeds. They are easy going dogs with a laid back personality which makes them an excellent pet in the family. In training this kind of breed, it is important that they know who the boss is because these dogs tend have a strong will power. It is advised to make sure the owner should have a consistent routine so that the dog will learn as desired.

The American Pit bull Terrier belongs to the breeds of the Terrier. They are known for their strength, intelligence and friendliness. Some of which even describe them as goofy dogs because they tend to play around with their owners. When training them, the best way to start is obedience with a firm voice. They also do well in competitions that involve agility and strength like weight pulling.

The Beagles are famous with their long wide ears with a pendant shape and recognized with their pleading expression. They can get along very easily with adults and children and with other dogs as well. These breeds are known to be expressive dogs and get attached right away who gives affection and care. They have a very short attention span in training so it is advised to accurately train them within 10-15 minutes a day. They are known to be the oldest breed of gundogs and they are trained to hunt rabbits and hare at an early age.

The Bullmastiff is recognized as courageous dogs because they have the ability to protect those who need it. They have the nature to protect people and not essentially things. They have a very strong appearance but can be very intimidated easily. It is recommended that in training these breeds, one should start to an early age by socializing them with other dogs.

The Miniature Pinscher breeds are small dogs that are very energetic and a good escape artist that can make their way out easily. During the classes of training, they must know who the "alpha dog" is and the trainer should be firm and consistent. This breed also loves to bark so it is important to include this part of the training of when is the right time to bark or not.

The Chihuahua breeds are charming and intelligent dogs. They are loyal to the owners and most likely to demand for affection. Their devotion to humans can sometimes make them feel jealous to human relationships. In training these dogs, socialization at an early age is very significant. They should be exposed to other dogs because they can be dog-aggressive.

The above mentioned breeds of dogs are commonly cared as family house pets. They are loyal and devoted to their masters and can do very well when it comes to training. There are actually many dog breeds to choose from, and it takes love and affection in caring for these men's best friend.

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