Dwarf Hamster Life: The Breeds and Lifespan of Dwarf Hamsters

If you own a dwarf hamster, you probably know everything about raising him, about his food and habits. But you should also know something about the dwarf hamster life, how he breeds and what his life span is.

Hamsters breed very fast, and also have a lot of breeding periods. That's why it is recommended to keep your dwarf hamster alone in his cage. If you want your hamster to breed, you should prepare the moment very carefully.

Normally the dwarf hamster female is ready for mating at five weeks, but it is recommended to wait until your hamster gets in the fourth month of his life. Usually the menstrual cycle of the female lasts for about four days, with a break of 6-10 hours. That means you have 6 to 10 hours to present a new partner to your female hamster. Female dwarf hamsters are very possessive, so it is better to "make the introductions" on a neutral field. Try to keep the two cages closed to each other for a few days, so the partners could get used to one another before mating. Also if you have a third cage, try to make them breed there. Any method you would choose, wear gloves so you can stop any eventual fight.

Dwarf hamsters are nocturne animals, so make sure you present them in the evening. If the female is receptive, they will mate almost instantly. After they mate, be sure to move the female on a hardened surface to get her ready for birth. Increase the quantity of food provided, especially the quantity of fruits and fresh vegetables. Make sure that your female dwarf hamster has plenty of proteins in her diet. In the tenth day of the pregnancy, your hamster will be more solid. Clean the cage two weeks after breeding, and try not to get in her way, because she will be very grumpy. The dwarf hamster female gives birth to her breeds after 16 days. If she deposits her breeds in different corners of the cage, she will get them all together after giving birth to the last one. She could give birth to sixteen babies, although the average is seven.

The breeds are born without hair, with their eyes closed and weight about 50 grams. You will have to leave the family alone for about a week. Stress can make the mother eat her babies. Don't even clean the dwarf hamster mother, as the new smells can make her confused. Be sure always to have large quantities of food and water.

The babies will be ready for solid food in about a week, and they will be ready to get out of the cage after ten days. After three weeks, the breeds must be removed from their mother's cage. She will not get another ovulation until the babies are out of the cage. The life span of the dwarf hamster is between 1.5 years and three years. The hamster can have a longer life span if it is well feed and taken care of. Be sure you follow these advices, so your dwarf hamster life will be easy and pleasant.

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