Dwarf Hamster Supplies: Cages, Toys and Food

Having a dwarf hamster in your house is great, as these kinds of hamsters are not only friendly and sociable but also easy to be taken care of. The Dwarf Hamster is small, cute and very playful. He or she will be easily adopted by your family, making your kids and the rest of your family very happy.

In order to have a happy and enjoyable pet, you should know some tricks and hints about Dwarf Hamster Supplies. These supplies are not hard to find, and also not expensive. There are many kinds of supplies you can buy for your pet.

Cages are one of the most important accessories for your dwarf hamster. The cage must be spacious and tall. Don't buy oval or round cages, because hamsters easily get confused. You should buy a cage with 0.5 cm space between bars for your dwarf hamsters. Usually you can buy cages with a larger space between bars, but the dwarf hamster is smaller and could escape trough the bars. Don't buy a glass or plastic cage, because the hamster could have trouble breathing in it. If you want a sophisticated cage on two or free levels, with tunnels and stairs, than you will probably have to pay more for it.

Also, you will have to pay attention to the toys of your pet. Always have wooden toys in his cage, as dwarf hamsters love to crunch these kinds of toys. The running wheel is also important. Keep in mind that your hamster doesn't have the space to run as much as he would like, so you should teach him to run in the wheel as soon as possible. You can also have a rubber ball in the hamster's cage, as dwarf hamsters love to roll over the ball trough the cage. Don't forget about the space tunnel toy, and the little hammock that all hamsters should have. Having toys that play sounds can be also fun, but keep in mind that your dwarf hamster could be annoyed by this.

You should also be careful with the food for your hamster. Try to teach your pet to eat healthy fruits and vegetables, especially in the first months of his life. Hamsters usually like carrots, apples and even crude potatoes. Try not to feed him with salads, oranges and lemons because it can harm his digestive organs. Later, you can try to feed him with Supahamster mix, as dwarf hamsters also need meat in their diet. You should also try different mixes of dry fruits and vegetables. See how your hamster reacts before deciding to stick with a certain kind of mix. You could also try mixed bars of fruit and vegetables, but be careful to throw away the bar after a few days.

Following these simple tips and tricks, you will be sure to have not only a happy hamster that your family will enjoy, but also a healthy dwarf hamster that will entertain your family for a long time. Always be sure that your pet has all the dwarf hamster supplies he needs.

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